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How can I beat Fizz ?

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I'm looking for permanent tips, that works the whole game, no the ones like: harass him before level 6 or something similar.
I'm asking this cause when he dashes to me, my life disappear and also he can kill me under my turret withou take any single shot.

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Harassing Fizz is pretty difficult pre-6 anyway....

Keep in mind several things:
1) All his damage is magic; buying just a negatron cloak can almost halve his damage on you.
2) He is melee ranged with 2, medium cooldown, gap closers; keep your distance and stay back; he can't fight you
3) His ultimate is a skillshot: Another good reason to keep your range so you have enough space to avoid it.
4) Playful is a .75 second invulnerability, essentially. Merely keep your CC and best skills till after he's used it.
5) Remember that if you're any sort of AP Champ, chances are, auto attacks are going to be nigh useless as his passive reduces the damage from them quite a bit.
6) Going off #5, don't rely on your creeps to help you against him.
7) Try to avoid his autoattacks; his passive means they hurt. A lot.
8) Don't rely on any sort of his healing since he can put up grievous wounds so cut off spellsteal and lifesteal when playing against him (unless you're, say, Akali).
9) Keep in mind that Fizz is also not very tanky; he comes with 2 gap closers to flee and a temporary invulnerability. Also, he's pretty good at 100-0. So, he can't take much damage when all of that's said and done.
10) Barrier can counter him hard in a trade since he's kind of an all-in type post-6.

Typically, when I meet him in lane, I'm playing Veigar who is weak to burst damage and gap closers (since they often bypass his CC). So Fizz and Akali are 2 of the biggest nightmares for me to face. When facing Fizz, I have to save my E for 2 occasions: After he's used Playful/Trickster OR when I have the opportunity to land it perfectly (in my case, that means the edge is right on him when i finish casting it). This applies to any sort of skillshot for any champ. After that, Veigar is a master of burst damage which can take out Fizz in a flash.

That applies to most champions that Fizz "counters." They're all bursters and it's who gets the first hit? sort of deal. Don't get too scared to fight that you immediately back off and give him time to hit you and kill you. Sometimes, if you have the relevant burst, it's better to engage. Exceptions would be Karthus and Orianna who depend more on their low cooldowns for sustained nuking.

If he's getting you 100-0, get a negatron cloak. Upgrade it to whatever relevant item (Spirit Visage maybe for a tank, Abyssal Scepter, Mercurial Schmitar). Also, remember how efficient health is this season. Try for a Rylai's if you're the AP Carry. Or a RoA.

If you want to straight up counter him, try for champions that have multiple gap closers as well. Akali can just dodge around him by using Shadow Dance on the Creeps. Also, when he's being annoying with Playful, just drop a twilight shroud and wait him out; that's just more time for you to get Assassin's mark up. Also her passive sustain with the right runes/masteries means she's pretty tough for Fizz who relies a lot on zoning during laning and all in trades postlaning. Make sure to avoid his ultimate or be invisible for its duration (so you don't get screwed over during the knockup). And if he has pink wards, he's spending a lot of money to counter you (while you still get 50 bonus MR from twilight shroud). Make sure to buy an Abyssal Scepter if you can't snowball over him.

Ahri's another great choice. Obviously, you'll still need the Abyssal Scepter. But also, Rylai's is a pretty good item on Ahri. Her gap closers make her an annoying kiter, she has CC, and her passive sustains her during laning AND can manage to harass pretty well too. This makes her a good candidate for fighting Fizz.

Or any tank that deals damage like Mundo. Fizz doesn't really have a sustained damage form beyond his passive and tanks will eat that damage up and not give a damn. If they deal good damage (Mundo's Cleaver scales with his opponents) then, well, Fizz will be ownt.

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I remember using Singed to destroy him, plus, depending on the player, they may get cocky and jump right into your range, if that happens let him have it =P If you get him with a solid stun after he hops around it can really ruin his day. (That is if your still alive XD)

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In my opinion. melees are the best against fizz. Riven, Kha' Xix, Talon... they just destroy fizz mid.

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I find morg to be a good pick vs fizz.

However you need to play her right in order to win.
First off, he can and will try to kill you, and you cannot kill him strait up. This matters very little, you have to play passively anyway. Use your tormented only on minions (he will just avoid it if you attack him) and max your shield second. Stay BACK. Throw your tormented then back off or he will jump you. Save your binding for after the trollpole has been used, and put your shield up when he comes for you. If your good you can bind him as he comes in if he doesn't use playful, and he will have to sit in time out wile you leave.

The big thing is don't die. Give him nothing and force him to roam if he wants kills. When he does, punish him for it. Push hard and go for the tower. If you blow it and he hasn't touched yours it's your victory. Warn ally's when he goes to roam, Fizz will likely be desprait for a kill at this point, so exploit it. Admittedly this part is mostly out of your hands until his tower falls, then you should move to counter him.

The big thing is Fizz is terrible without kills. Morg is not. Hold him in the lane and give him nothing then you should have a advantage later.