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The Challenger 5 Cup (idea)

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Anakin Skywalker

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The Challenger 5

The Real Top solo Que players of the League of Legends game.

The Ultimate “Hero's of League” will be crowned at the end of season 3.
These players are not just the top “Ranked Team” players. Yes there will be some of them but there will be solo individuals of humble ranked play within the field of players as well.

The end of season 3 will encapsulate all Challenger achieved Summoner's to participate in the Global Challenger 5 Cup. This tournament will begin 1 month before the official season 3 end. This final month will be called the Challenger 5 Play Offs.

All Challenger achieved players will have a time period of days to play their assigned number of games. The system will follow the standard 3 of 5 wins to move on to the next series. Repeated until the final 200 players remain. (the current number of players remaining will be posted and updated throughout the playoffs)

On the 22nd day, when the final 200 are announced. The League of Legends Challenger Cup World Series Playoffs truly begins.

These final 240 individuals are the finest players on League. They can fill any role. They play most, if not all of the heroes in the game. They do not “need” voice communication to play like “pro ranked 5v5 teams.” They are the best of the best. And only 5 will raise the Challenger Cup and have their names inscribed on it. Forever marking that years victors.
And of course they will each receive a metal.

These final days of playoff play will be streamed on the live challenger tournament tab on the League of Legends website ( or it'll be streaming random playoff games throughout the entire playoff month). Fans and players can watch their friend's, foe's, and favorite's battle the last stages.

23rd round 1 - 240 players are cut to 120
24th round 2 – 120 players cut to 60
25th round 3 – 60 players cut to 30
26th round 4 – 30 players are cut to the final 15

The Final 15 will be invited to the League of Legends live season 3 championships where they will battle for the cup Live on Twitch and YouTube. Each game the players play will have immediately followed an “On Stage Lottery” to see what individual is on each team.

After that days series of matches for the 15 players. The final 10 Challenger's will be announced.
The following day will hold the Challenger 5 Championship.
On stage, 2 captains will be announced through the simple picking of the highest card. And these team captains will choose their teammates on stage where they will prepare in moments for the final round of the Challenger 5 Cup World Series.

The best of 5 games will crown the Challenger 5 Title to those final 5 Summoners on the winning team!

This is Just a idea/pitch to the Riot team. I am in no way affiliated with Riot. I just live in the county below their headquarters.


Self addressed questions-
1. As a Challenger eligible in the Play Offs. You must play your assigned number of games in your allotted time frame to still hold your Challenger 5 eligibility. If you fail to play your assigned games you will be forfeiting you ticket and will be dropped from the tournament and the “Players Remaining” number will drop. You will still be able to push your elo higher in the final month, however you will not be in the Challenger 5 Play Off tournament anymore.

2. I did not account for the multiple Regions League of Legends hosts. However, the Challenger 5 Championship has options of either making each region hold it's own Challenger 5 Winners. Or each region brings its top 5 players to the live championships and it is those players that are “lottery'd” together for the true 5 of all league players.

3. The Numbers I used to explain the idea are just Ball Park numbers. And the entire system used for this feature is completely up to Riot's discretion. (since they will be the ones creating it) Duh.

Thank You for your time and consideration!

Landsun or Landosson