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(Closed RP) Breath of Life - Chapter One: Broken World

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((It has begun, ladies and gentlemen.

Your entering post should contain the link to your character, how they are affiliated with Reyain, with Demacia, with Raven's Nest, or any combination of these. Or how they would meet. Only known allies of Reyain's would be permitted to join the battle.

Remember, no one is an antagonist early on - at least openly opposing any other OC. The option to defect, betray, or otherwise screw us over will come later on. Initially, we are not 2 groups, we are one. Everyone must meet at the very least Reyain, or arrange how they'll rendezvous with him.

My first post will be something of a teaser. A memory of Reyain's from a month prior.))

One month prior in the Dah' Ason Plains, east of Demacia

"Captain, we need to rest..." One of the mercenary Raven's said, throwing his shoulder bag off and onto the earth. A gentle breeze washed over the group, swaying the endless fields of emerald grass and rainbox colored flowers. A short distance away the tree line flickered, moving off rhythm from the wind. Reyain noted this, thought nothing of it and turned to his comrade. "What is the problem, Michael?"

"We're hungry, sir. We haven't had real food in 4 days, and prior to that it was only starving deer and a few rabbits. Scarcely enough to feed a few of us let alone a dozen." Michael did not wait for his Captain's permission to sit. The young warrior slimped to the ground, his arms hugging his knees to his chest, then pulled his iron helm off his head and sat it beside him in the grass. "What is it we're doing out here anyhow? It's unsafe to wander out of our territory."

Reyain did not reply to his young squire. Instead, he let his own bag fall, then lowered his trusted lance and shouted out to the remained of the Raven's some distance away, "FORM CAMP! Two parties of 3 men, scout the tree line and local hills! A third party search for food!" Reyain's voice carried through the plains and Michael shrunk at the boom. It was only a moment within sitting that Reyain pulled out an ornate flask with an embroidered eagle on the front. He drank deeply. "I've told you, Michael. We are searching for allies, for supplies, and for food. Resources are dwindling and times are dark." He drank again.

His squire looked up at the sun, holding out his hand to feel the beeze wash over it. He closed his eyes and leaned back, his head laying in the grass. He began to whistle a carefree tone that Reyainwas unfamiliar with. The former Vanguard looked at his squire with sadness, frowning that one so young as he be born into an age of chaos and death. His only happiness in it was that he was here, with Reyain, and safe on a beautiful, care free day.

"Sir, what will you do when it's all over?" Michael said, looking over to Reyain who again was drinking in attempts to wash away the pain of his failure. He wasn't really sure how to reply to Michael, and instead said, "I told you, it's Reyain. I'm not a captain, or sir anymore. I'm just another Raven, like you."

The boy sat up, grabbing his sword from beside his bag and unsheathed it. He laid it on his lap, reached into his bag and fumbled around fr a whetstone. As he did so, he spoke, "I can't do that, sir. I respect you too much. We all do. And besides, you're the founder of the Raven's, the Nest saved most of our lives. If not fr you, where would we be?"

You might be happy somewhere in the country, with good food, or with another, stronger guild that can pay you better, protect more of you. Reyain kept this to himself and went bacl to his flask again. His stomach grumbled, and he hoped that Michael didn't hear it.

"I'm hungry, sir. Do you think the hunters will find anything? We're miles from Demacia." Michael said. Reyain didn't have the heart to lie and get the hopes up, nor the faith to tell him a blind lie. And he didn't truly believe any distance would matter. Food was fod, and thousands more than they starved. Reyain simply laid back and let sleep take him.

He wasn't sure how long exactly he slept, but he woke to Michael nudging him. The boy held his finger to his lips, shushing Reyain. He was wearing his helmet, and his sword was drawn. Reyain took the hint, rolling over to retrieve his lance and grab his own steel helm. "What is it, boy?" Reyain whispered, barely audible to his squire. He leaned in closer to Reyain, fearing he'd be heard.

"Screams, captain, lots of them. Only one scout returned, of six. All the hunters returned as well, but they didn't hear or see anything."

"What did the sixth man say? Did he say what happened to the others?" Reyain inquired, his voice becoming grave and urgent. His grip tightened on his lance without his thinking about it. Finally, he stood, looked around and did not notice any of the scouts with them. For that matter, it was only himself, Michael and 2 of the remaining mercenaries.

Michael visibly shuttered. In his sleep, the sun had set and the moon was full in the sky. The gentle breeze had grown heavier, and a light rain pinged on their armor. He was becoming more and more nervous by the moment. His men had warned him against venturing deep into the wilderness, but he dismissed their warnings for the greater good. For the prospect of bettering their situation.

Now, Reyain could only hope his men were still alive and that he wouldn't have to go home and tell their families what happened. Assuming he lived as well. He was startled when Michael replied, "Not much to me, sir. But the screams I heard... the screams told me enough. Someone is hurt, somewhere, and possibly dead. When the scout came, his arm was broken and his left eye swollen shut with a large cut over it. He demanded you be woken, but we couldn't. You were passed out, Captain"

"Damn it, Michael, you should of tried harder! You two, get your weapons, we're going into those woods, now!" Reyain barked the order over the increasingly driving rain. He reached into his coat to make sure his Hextech pistols were secure, pulled one free and was glad to see it loaded. He tucked it back into his holster.

The men immediately voiced their agreement. Each of them, like Michael, wore suits of azure chainmail with white tunics, iron helms and had swords as well as crossbows. Reyain broke into the quitest, but quickest run he could muster under the circumstance and prayed that whatever was out there wouldn't see them coming from the plains. Their was nothing to hide behind for almost 300 yards. The man followed just as quiet, and with complete loyalty.

Please don't let them be dead. Please let them live, and take me instead. Demacia can survive without a broken down drunk, but she needs her loyal children! Reyain was first to enter the woods. It was dark, he could see very little. The moon hardly shined under the thick foliage. But the smell... it smelled unmistakingly of death. He wished for the best and moved slowly through the trees, stepping over thick roots, avoiding any branches or anything that would make more noise than necessary.

"Captain," One of the soldiers said, and was immediately hushed. A moment passed, Reyain continued on, but after a few steps, "Captain!"

He turned back, glaring at the man and was about to curse the soldiers persistence when the man pointed just a foot to the left of Reyain. How the hell did he miss this? Beside him, in a thick pool of blood was one of the scouts with his chest caved in and throat slit. A few feet beyong that, a second with his arm hacked off.

"Bugger that, Captain, we need to go, now! Look at that, what coulda done that!" The man said. Reyain opened his mouth to speak, but Michael beat him to it. "My lord, it's getting hot. Why is it... getting so hot?"

The boy was right. The rain had made the warm day cold, but immediately after seeing the dead scouts, it became absurdly warm. Hot even. It was no dry heat either, more the type of heat one felt near an open flame. One of them stumbled, nearly dropping to the ground. "Sir, I can't keep this up... I'm too tired, too hungry... too hot. God, why is it so hot?"

The complaints, the situation were all becoming to heavy for Reyain to stomach. He turned, immediately starting in an angry growl, "Listen, dammit! Nobody made you come out here, we're all hungry, we're all scared..." Something wet splattered against Reyain's face. He grimaced, touching his glove to it and looking around, suddenly alert and furtherly angry.

He could see nothing that would of done this. The rain had stopped once they entered the woods. Each man looked at him with confusion at his reaction. Then, to Michael, when the squire stammered ovr the words, "My... lord... why me?" Reyain's eyes widened, the squire was standing less than a foot away with a sword pertruding through his chest and a dark figure behind him, his body radiating a feeling of terrible dread, of pure rage and heat.

"MICHAEL!" The dark figure kicked Michael off his sword and charged Reyain, his blade meeting the lance and knocking the Raven captain back a foot, then another as the second strike came, and was parried. The unrelenting figure growled with each strike, laughing in a monstrous voice, and broke off as it neared the otehr two soldiers who were loading the crossbows.

Before Reyain could intervene, the figure disengaged, lifted its blade and planted it in the skull of the frst soldier. He dipped his shoulder, pulled out the blade and thrust it through the second soldiers chest, pulled it out again and thrust again.

Only horror registered. Horror and anger, and fear... "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU! DAMN YOU!" DIE!" Reyain charged the figure, swinging with unsteady, clumsy strikes guided by fear and unfocused. Each was blocked with one handed parries, and each time the figure became more evident, its aura becoming more hot, deadlier. Still it laughed, and it did so until stepping out of Reyain's charge, and placing his blade through Reyain's ribs.

He froze. His body locked up, his grip faltered and his lance dropped to the forest floor. Reyain immediately dropped to his knees, and his vision faltered. Before passing out, the figure walked up to him and grabbed him by the face. The figures touch was so terribly hot, carrying the terrible feeling of dread and anger with him. He pulled Reyain closer, and spoke in a voice that sounded like a dozen men speaking, "The end is coming, wretched Demacian. Valoran burns, Demacia breaks, and the Destroyer rises."

That was all Reyain recalled of that day.

Two months later, Demacian Guild, Raven's Nest

Reyain had sent out urgent word to all his people and many friends from outlaying territories and city-states. He'd recieved an incredibly intriguing proposition: one that if completed, and lived fully to its employers promise - would make Reyain, and the Raven's Nest incredibly rich. The amount of gold, territory, and reward promised would be unlike anything they'd ever seen. But of all the promises of riches, what most intrigued him was the actual contract. "A cure to the Arcane Plague, a cure to magic's destruction of Runeterra, and a remedy to end all wars."

He hoped with all his heart people would heed the call. Demacia would live again.

[B]Characters -

Reyain du Felarus - Luparis
Eclair - Aproxima
Takeo - Shadow
Rook/Cassandra - Smiley
Julianna - Wizerd
Cruciatus - Muggtonp
David Faucon - Filfire
Althius - Cryypter
Nerethis - Overseer
Jurante - Grand Viper
Viola - Silverling
Vanthar - Radient
Tao Fei Long - Youay
Frold - Boogey

BILGEWATER - The area of Bilgewater and its people remain mostly unaffected by the plague, and their city-state is hardly touched by the blades of war. The territory continues to trade with whomever they can; mostly the Noxians, as they are the only city-state to remain intact after the break out. Bilgewater is also mostly neutral hostile towards all other forces.

BANDLE CITY - Bandle was struck very hard when the Plague came. Noxus moved just as swift as the mysterious blight and struck with great fervor, terrorizing the outer villages of Bandle City before closing in on the city walls. Today, the walls still stand with the aid of a former Demacian legion, and a handful of Summoners, as well as the natives. Today, nearly half of all Bandle's populace has died of te plague, or from Noxus' hands.

IONIA - perhaps because they are cut off from the mainland, the Ionian Isles have managed to remain mostly unscathed by the war. The Plague has yet to break out, fortunately. And likely because of Ionia's stern defense of their waters of any and all sea vessels coming within fifty miles of their homes. Under the leadership of Irelia, the Ionian people have even made notions of attacking Noxus outright to try and put an end to their terror.

PILTOVER - Apart from Demacia, it was probably Piltover that was hit hardest by recent events. After Zaun's complete and total collapse into chaos, Noxus stole the war machines and drove them straight to Piltover's doorstep unchecked. Thousands of Plague ridden corpses paved the way for the Noxian war machine to walk into Piltover, murder most Champions, as well as its leaders, and capture hundreds of healthy men for the arena. Today, Piltover is mostly abandoned on the surface, and the remainder who have not been enslaved or infected have fled underground.

FRELJORD - The barbarian tribes remain extremely isolated from their neighbors in Valoran. The current standing on the city-state is mostly a mystery. However, reports from all factions say that looking in from the borders, the snow is stained red.

NOXUS - Noxus realized that despite the treachery of the League, they were still the most powerful mages in the known world. When that world turned on the League, wishing vengeance, Noxus decided almost fully to stick by the League. The exception, however, was Katarina, her sisters, and their loyalists. Katarina swore that Demacia, in this rare case, led by example in forming a coalition against the League. Swain and his own loyalists, including Darius and his bloody, dramatic brother, Draven, opted to make their own example. Noxian forces escorting Katarina to neutral territory to meet with city-state leaders turned on Katarina. After many hours, and an escape, Katarina was found after killing over a dozen soldiers, and put to the blade. Subsequently, the rest of her family fell, and loyalists were forced to prison or the arena.


DEMACIA - The shining city, the prime example of order, loyalty, honor - was the hardest to fall. The Plague ate away the outlying villages of the city-state alongside the Beasts sumoned by the League. The Emperor of Demacia, led by the Prince Jarvan IV, attempted to save as many as they could. But it was for naught. Soon Noxus joined in, accompanied by actual League mages and overwhelmed the lone forces of Demacia. After a bout a yar of fighting, Noxian Coalition assassins entered Demacia with the aid of Summoner magic, and killed the Lightshield family. Soon after, Xin Zhao went missing, and Garen was voted to lead the military. The grief of the failing nation, and his neglect of his duty to protect crippled his spirit, and soon the military crumbled, then the city-state. Today, Lady Luxanna Crownguard is the leader of what remains of the actual Demacian city-state.

As the war progressed, resources became sparse, population dwindled, war became prominent, and countless factions rise in names of their warrior leaders, nameless gods, and others. Some rise up simply for money and treasure. And of course, reputation.

The majority of these factions rise up in the broken, tattered ruins of Demacia. Among them is the Aspiring Raven's Nest led by Reyain du Felarus, a former Captain under the command of Garen Crownguard. An intensely fierce warrior, honorable and loyal servant to his home, Reyain fights today with dignity, taking only jobs to better Demacia; hoping that one day Garen, his former master, might come back to his senses.

VIGILANT - Vigilant is a faction of the remaining loyalists of Demacia who have not defected, broken into splinter factions, or been killed. Led by Luxanna Crownguard, these warriors try to police the city-state, rebuild the ruins, and fight off the Beasts, as well as the dark coalition of Noxus and the League. The battle does not fair well, and even their former brothers living in their very own city threaten to end the order.

http://summoners.shurelia.com/profiles/1679 Bastion Fense - A Vigilant officer, and close friend of Reyain du Felarus. The two share common goals, depite not serving directly under a Demacian standard.

BROKEN LEGION - Broken Legion is an organized force of former Demacians who have been corrupted by the Plague, altered by their survival of the dreaded arcane blight, and by the influence of a terribly powerful Runemancer, and former Summoner, by name of Luparis Enes. Some call this Luparis a devil in human form, a demon known to break the spirits of men and corrupt their true puprose so further his evil ambition. The Broken Legion are worse even then the Beasts that terrorize the land nowadays in this time of turmoil and strife. The Legion is dismissed to be little more than rumor, as none have witnessed any to have fallen so far into darkness.


A group completely devoted to old demacia; the crown, the government, the society - everything. yet, Reyain decided to branch out to assist the Vigilant in his own way, without worsening the appearance of Luxanna and her followers.

http://summoners.shurelia.com/profiles/2630 Reyain - Leader of the Raven's and desperately hopeful to save Demacia and her children, and doing so; the world.


The first of several guilds to break of the old Lightshield regime. Led by Gregor and Rendal Rasara, the Alkorii seek a new lifestyle, free of the old ways. They believe that strength is acquired at any means, even if that means betrayal of their old customs. The Alkorii are suspected to even be allied with Noxus and the League.


Bestiary of Beasts

From common to rarest, and most dangerous:

IMP - tiny, cannibalistic creatures with bat like wings, pale skin and wide, dark eyes. The little terrors are known to travel in flocks, as birds would, and act similar when startled. However, when their mind is set to something, such as feeding they are quite devilish. Imps are known to use bits of magic. The magic most frequently used by this Beast is either fire related, or some other charm to weaken the mind, or spirit of their prey.

GOBLINS - unlike their lesser cousins, Goblins are the size of an average human with elongated skulls, tan skin, long, narrow, pale yellow eyes, and razor sharp teeth. Goblins are civilized as far as Beasts go, are even known to set up camps and small colonys. This class of Beast is seen wearing crude armor, malicious, dangerous weapons and are incredibly animalistic in their attack. Can not use magic.

DARK GOBLINS - Dark Goblins are the leaders of their lesser brethren, and far more dangerous. They stand at least a foot tall, usually, wear far better forged and intimidating armor, and are even capable ofdark magic. These black skinned monstrousities are cruel, brutal and extremely aggressive.

HELL HOUNDS - massive, two headed canines that serve as the trackers of the Beasts. They have unparallelled senses on all accounts, are quite powerful runners and attackers.

CERBERI - bigger, badder, meaner Hell hounds. These devil dogs are not limited to 2 heads, but 3. This additional third is even capable of spitting flames at its prey.

OGRES - Ogres are the strong arm of the Beasts. Weighing typically 500 pounds or heavier, can be seen in numerous shapes and sizes, varying with one to two heads, wearing simple cloth to thick, nearly unpenetrable plate, wielding all manner of weapons. Ogres stand close to 8 feet tall, a shoulder length of almost 5 feet, have large red eyes, elongated jaws with powerful crushing teeth and a small horns around their brows.


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Unnamed Village - Near Demacia

After the events of the plague, Vanthar (http://summoners.shurelia.com/profiles/2650) had settled down in a small village where he helped grow crops and fend off bandits. The food had been barely enough to keep the villagers fed. One day, a messenger came to the village and told them that all able persons were needed at the capital. Vanthar was the only villager who was willing to leave. "Take me to your leader, messenger." said Vanthar, without hesitation.

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Bradoc was on his first mission. The poor lad was only five feet tall and not yet 18 winters, yet he wore a grown man's suit of leather armor and a long sword on his belt that was older than he was. Supplies were limited and people had to take what they could get. However, he was given his first mission and thus was rather eager, even if it was as simple as finding a man and giving him a letter.

The man proved easy to find. The man stood out in a crowd, especially this far south of his Native lands of Freljord. Bradoc finally caught up to the man while he was drinking some kind of booze in Southern Demacia's Muddy Blades and Bloody Boots Tavern. The appearance of the man frightened the boy a bit. He was wearing furs and a few plates of steel, His helm was a fearsome horned helm of steel, his mane and beard that hung out of his helm were as grey as steel, and these were his least threatening features. He stood about seven feet and was half again as wide shoulder to shoulder as Bradoc, and it was all muscle. The man's arms and legs were covered in scars and scabs. His eyes shone out from beneath his helm with a feral light. Two old war axes hung on his hips. This was definitely no civilized man.

"Excuse me sir, are you...Allvise Dallaagar?" Bradoc asked in as official a voice he could muster.

The man stopped mid drink, set his mug down, and glared at the boy. "If your lookin' for Alviss Dalgaard (http://summoners.shurelia.com/profiles/2632), then you are smart to get the name correct, pup, else you risk upsetting a man in his drink. What'd you want?" the man said with a growl of annoyance.

"I was ordered to deliver this letter to you by Reyain du Felarus, Captain-"

"And founder of the Raven's Nest and some other titles you southerners feel you need to stroke your egos. I know him. I fought with him." Bradoc paused a moment amazed that this old wolf had FOUGHT with Reyain. "What are you waiting for, lad? Hand it over or I'll take it!"

Bradoc pulled his head out of the clouds of his imagination and swiftly handed over the letter.

"Good work, whelp. Now, go run back to your mother. If I like what I see, I'll go to your captain. If not, I might go visit anyway. One of these bandit clans has gold on his head." Alviss chuckled darkly, shooing the boy off. Bradoc counted himself lucky not to have to escort the beast of a man and was gone in an instant.

The letter itself was in an envelope sealed with a wax imprint the Raven's Nest crest. Alviss ripped it open and unfolded it. He held the letter to a nearby light and, after downing the rest of his mead, started to read it.

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Near Demacia
Tao leaned on his staff and surveyed the city before he made his approach.He nodded to himself and recounted what he heard of the Raven's nest and the team their leader was putting together. He may be old, but in this time of crisis he figured he would put his age, his training, and his wisdom to good use working with this group of young people. The journey was rough, but it was nothing the old master has not dealt with before. He scratched his bearded chin and adjusted his pack and made his was toward the Raven's Nest guild, ignoring the groans of pain behind him. A group of bandits laid behind the old man in various states of defeat, apparently they saw the master as easy prey. But appearances are always deceiving.

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Wilderness near Demacia
Ganooj (http://summoners.shurelia.com/profiles/2634) finally reached the top of the hill. In his armor, the climb was exhausting. From what he had heard, Demacia was a place of justice, where criminals treated harshly, but fairly. He could see the city, but something looked wrong. The land around it, the city itself looked....dead. The people he had spoken to told him to seek a man named Reyain, who lived in Demacia. Deciding not to hesitate, he began his trek to Demacia with renewed energy.

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Eastern Plains of Demacia

David (http://summoners.shurelia.com/profiles/2281) decides to take a rest for a moment when he encounters a lone tree on the grass-covered plains. Sitting down against it he takes out a flask from his bag and drinks from it while thinking back. He's lucky that he was away on one of his long missions when it all went wrong with the Institute of War. Rather than returning he chose to go back to where he was born, Demacia. And know he has an actual goal besides that, thanks to the message he got from Captain Reyain, who he had served with in the past. He wonders what the man is planning now, but since so far as David can remember Reyain has always been loyal to Demacia he wouldn't hesitate to help him out, whatever the actual plan. Deciding that he has rested for long enough he stands up again and resumes walking, his black bow in hand and ready to draw and nock an arrow as he wearily watches his surroundings. These days travelling alone, or at all, has become dangerous, and David isn't intending to get killed because he was too careless to keep an eye out and his weapon ready for any trouble.

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((Radiant, just to specify, letters and people are sent to specifically people Rayain would know, or at least know of.))

Unnamed Demacian Village

The young messenger was all too wiling to comply with Vanthar. He immediately handed over the letter, and agreed to escort the man to Raven's Nest, through the treacherous Demacian city.


The letter delivered to Alviss, the former Winter Claw turned sellsword barbarian read simply:

Alviss. you frozen fool, come to Demacia. I've recieved an interesting contract. Their was no deliverer, no magic, no anything to bring it. It simply fund its way onto my person one day, in the middle of patrolling my territory.

If you're not interested in ghostly messages then don't worry, Winter Claw, things have been quite different lately. Terror you'd never believe roam these lands, monsters as big as you, and what's best? A quest for an item said to put an end to all this madness, and lots of gold to be had.

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Noxus – Efreet mansion

It should have been a day like any other, but things were to change soon. Éclair Efreet (http://summoners.shurelia.com/profiles/2287), the noxian assassin, was at her practice routine as usual improving her combat skills, when someone came, a boy.
Before he even entered the courtyard and said something, Éclair already addressed him “ What is it that you bring to interrupt my training, David? “
David answered “ My lady, someone brought you something. He wants to see you immediately, he says it’s important. “
She nodded and before heading to the boy she threw one last knife that went right through one of the dummies and stuck itself into the wall far behind it “ Alright, I shall meet him. “
With that Éclair followed young David into her, one would say, office to meet the one who brings news that might change things.
Before stepping through the doors to the office, Éclair knelt down to the boy and patted his head “ Go to the kitchen and ask Molly for anything you‘d like. “ She then stood up and before walking into the office with a smile shooed David away.
Once in, Éclair closed the doors behind herself and spoke to the man “ So what is it Vargul? “
She sat into a chair, the man placed someone’s head on her desk and said in rough voice “ We found him in the wilderness. He appeared to be a part of group or something, but the beasts got them sooner. He was half-dead so we ended his agony, but we found something you might be interested in. “
Vargul went through his pockets and handed Éclair a piece of paper. She slowly read it and after finishing it, she stared at Vargul with extremely surprised face “ Demacia it is then… “ Éclair stood up, walked up to him and placed her hand on his shoulder while looking up at him “ You were right. You and your men shall celebrate tonight for your reward is vast. Go now, leave. “
As the man was leaving, Éclair threw at him a pouch. When Vargul caught it he grinned at her “ Yes, princess. “ Éclair replied while walking to a window “ That is for your services Vargul, come with your men to the hall and there you shall receive your reward. “
She had to speak with someone, but that will have to wait until she finishes all her errands and preparations for her journey.

After couple hours of endless running to make all the necessary stuff she finally enters the chamber of her mother. There by the window was an old lady in formal dress drinking her tea from a small porcelain cup. Éclair slightly bowed before addressing her “ Rejoice mother, for I shall reclaim our honor and pride . There exists something that is said to cure the plague, I will bring this gift back and we shall hold our heads high once again. “
Her mother slowly stood up, walked up to Éclair and embraced her, while speaking in calm slow voice “ Éclair Yekaterina Coraline Mercury Pyxis Jade Efreet, my child, you are my greatest pride. You are all that we ever hoped for. I know I cannot stop you, but please Éclair, be careful, I wouldn‘t bear the thought of burying another child of mine. “ She kissed Éclair’s forehead and continued with hints of tears in her eyes “ I only wish your father could see you now, you have grown in a fine lady. Please take everything you need and may the blood gods protect you. “
Éclair smiled and answered her mother “ Don’t worry mum, you know me. After all I am the princess of the military branch of our family, the Blood Queen of Noxus. Please take care of my children while I’m gone. “ She chuckled and added “ And tell David that he doesn’t have to call me lady, after all I am his auntie, right? “
Éclair slowly broke the embrace and made her way out “ I will ride out at dawn…it’s safer during daytime. “
Éclair’s mother wiped away a tear from her cheek and said “ May you ride like the wind. I wish you the best of luck…we all do. “ She added once her daughter was gone “… you will need it, I feel it in my blood. “

The rest of the day was fairy boring for Éclair as she was making necessary preparations – gathering supplies, weapons and such.

Noxus – Efreet mansion: Armory the following day

Early in the morning the red demon showed up in the armory “ Rita have you prepared everything I asked of you? “
Rita nodded “ Yes Jade. The devices are working and filled with an amount of knives and bullets to kill a whole army. I have to admit those are true miracles and it’s a miracle of its own you were able to obtain them. Now go, the Sun will rise soon and the path that lies ahead of you is long. Your gear is ready and I’ve prepared enough supplies as well. “
Éclair got into her gear, she was ready to leave, but before that she kissed Rita and playfully slapped her across bottom “ Thank you Rita. I will return sooner or later, wait for me. “
Rita blushed and said “ Just go already… “
She had her clothes and usual gear, but there was something new to her equipment – a gun, big bulky six round revolver with words ‘Dark Vengeance‘ inscribed in its angular barrel.
Éclair jumped up on her demon horse, said her final goodbyes and rode out from Noxus towards Demacia, leaving behind only dust and trail of fire.

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Dramatic road to Demacia

Down an old path, twisting and winding its way to Demacia, a Bilgewater man happily walked. He reached up and twirled his exquisite mustache and grinned. Taking a swig of his flask that he held so near and dear to his heart, he reached into one of his many pouches that hung off his waist and took out a small tin case. He flicked it open and looked at his row of hand rolled cigarettes, accompanied by a few loose matchsticks.

The pirate paused his walk and placed one of the cigarettes in his mouth. He picked up a match, struck it on the stubble on his chin and lit it. He took a few puffs until smoke started to wisp from the opposite end of the cigarette. The man stomped on the match and placed the tin case back into his pouch, followed by him retrieving a folded up letter within the recesses of said pouch. His grin became wider as he stared at the emblem, that of the Raven's Nest, the had previously sealed the envelope.

"Well then, Reylain, ol' mate, let's see what you have for Jurante (http://summoners.shurelia.com/profiles/1684), eh?" The pirate stuffed the letter back, took a puff of his cigarette, took a swig of his flask and laughed. He continued his walk, humming loudly, out of tune, and somewhat drunkenly as he did.

Adventure never waits.

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Reyain's Quarters - Raven's Nest Headquarters - Northern parts of Demacia

It was getting harder to wake up everyday. The pain he endured simply sitting up was agonizing ever since that damnable day in the woods... the day he returned home to a hundred of his closest friends, people who relied so dearly upon the strength of arm heart. The day he had to tell all ofthem that he was the lone survivor to a brutal attack that left him near death, and Michael as well as all the others brothers, sons and fathers dead.

Getting out of bed, Reyain hung his head sluggishly for a moment before standing. He did so with a grunt of pain, stopped a moment to brace himself and walked to the window, throwing open the curtains. Sunshine poured in, momentarily blinding him. He hoped that today, he would die. Today would be a good day to die alone.

Then he looked down to his bedside table, spotting his flask. He reached for it, pulled off the top and drank heavily. Next to where the flask was laying; his sword, which he grabbed after. A gift, given to him by Garen Crownguard to honor his years of serive, friendship and dedication to country and crown. The memory was conflicting and brutal.

On one side, Reyain was proud to have been honored by such a cold, yet iron hearted man like Garen. The face of Demacia, her greatest warrior. On the opposite side of that very coin, he hated that after all they had been through, the rising of demacia only marked how far they sank when the world ended. He laughed, and drank, then drank some more.

"Don't worry, I won't give up yet. I'll see you lead this dump again, and when it does, I'll stand at your side, Lord Garen." Reyain lowered the sword to the table, walked to his wardrobe and prepared his battle attire. Today, the rest of Raven's Nest would see their much needed leader after a month of absence. Today, hope would be restored to the loyalists of Demacia.