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some shaco/thresh problems/issues

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Thresh first..his auto attack is awkward (the graphic doesn't line up with the damage so it is entirely possible to miss an auto attack while he is pulling the chain back)

but now the important 1, shaco..how I love this character.

but his problems (which cause him to be nerfed) riot hates stealth..that's a given (and early game it is very hard to counter stealth..which early game is where he shines to make it worse) but ignoring that let's look at his kit without numbers or anything
Q blink-stealth (aka easy ward dodge-way out if you catch him)
W free first jungle camp, and trap (to further assist him in escaping you)
E *currently* makes it so you can't run away from him and an execute
R Yet ANOTHER way to fake you out (yes I know it's unreliable but when you need that 1 auto attack to get away)

what does this mean? He only fights you when he wants to, and he wants to when he knows you can't win, really if you look at him number per number to almost any other champion he actually loses a 1v1 from full hp. But while they are removing his E slow maybe next patch they will do something for his Q, because currently as it stands there is no reason to put more than 1 point in it early..and I feel this is his major unique skill, because hate to break it to you but it actually scales the worst by far (wow 20% more damage on 90 damage..yeah that isn't much) maybe slowly give him the blink range or even a 1 second cd reduction per rank (even half a second?)

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shaco is easy to counter if you know how he works.

his Q, yes its a stealth, but it also shows up in fog of war, paying attention you can see his ganks without wards, thats a massive disadvantage compared to other junglers and the CD is rather long for how critical it is to his kit

his W, yes it gives him the first camp but after that sprinting start he has to gank hard and be successful cause his jungle speed gets slower as the game goes on and its not good as an escape tool unless droped in advance cause 1 auto attack/random aoe can kill it well before it stealths.

his E, you dont need to escape him if its just you vs him, his damage is terrible without his passive so dont run, just duel him, you'll prob win. if you in a 2 vs 1 or more situation just the slow in the active is enough for his team mates to kill you so the passive is irelevant.

if hes playing AD shaco he has to use his escape to get into melee range, hes very item dependant and has low damage so hes gonna be very squishy and have limited if any sustain, you have 11 seconds to kill him, for a squishy thats longer than your average teamfight, not hard.

AP shaco however is harder to counter but he is a mana hungry champ since he will be spaming 3 skills often, just force him to burn mana and then he cant kill you or get away, again not hard.

and they arent removing the shiv slow, they just toning the numbers down on the passive, as for his Q the range is getting cut by 33%, a huge nerf to an allready underpowered champ whos sole reason for getting nerfed is cause of baddies who have zero sense of awareness or common sense to stand and fight