I love Nami, but...

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u only have to know two things as a taric learning to zone with ur Q and learning to heal when needed otherwise he's a pretty easy /straightforward guy... on another note nami after having used her as a main support for a while now I see no less utility in her kit it really is like this guy says a matter of mastering her^ oh and nami needs team coordination otherwise she becomes moot...

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Originally Posted by Arcticfury View Post
I refunded her for this very reason. Other than her unique heal and decent ult there is nothing worth noting about this champ. She is super squishy, slow Q, poor buffs, and low mobility. She was my only refund and I'd do it again if I had it over even after the small improvements she was given.

I'll take Taric or Leona without runes over her with full runes every day of the week.
I disagree with this sentiment. I would use her with champions that mostly use "on hit" abilities with a fast attack speed (Draven, MF) because her E can turn their poke into something annoying into something deadly, as well as completely turning the tides (forgive the pun) of any trades/engages

People who think her Q is too "slow" or unreliable are doing it wrong. If their ADC is trading with yours, you can force it to move in an undesirable location by placing your Q slightly behind them while still under them, forcing them to move while your ADC is pummelling away at them.

If your ADC is running away from a champion (or group of clumped up champions), you can Q in the spot they will need to run to catch up. The benefit of this over a Taric stun is that it can stop several champions at once, can be spammed more often, and hardly costs any mana. Not to mention you could then E your ADC to have him poke and kite them. (Coupled with an ult will often result in kills for your team - people almost never avoid a wave when they're running towards it before it's cast).

I see her kit the same way as I see gangplank's cult. You don't necessarily want to center it on your opponents - but you want to cut off persuade them in certain directions and punish them for not complying.