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Kingpin Twitch- false advertising

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Ok, so I was bored with Twitch's original skin and over the holidays I found an older skin that was about to be put away for good.

I bought it and was extremely happy for myself.

I've been using it, and noticed that the art for Kingpin Twitch features GLOWING GREEN EYES.

This is the feature I mostly bought Kingpin Twitch for.

Needless to say, I feel ripped off, because the only thing i dislike about Twitch's usual appearance are his eyes- the vacant, unfocused stare really annoys me...

I'd just like some clarification on this: Are the eyes on the in-game model also meant to glow or are they not supposed to?

If it's working as intended, then I'll just remain an unhappy customer I guess.

If it isn't, and his eyes are SUPPOSED to be GLOWING GREEN, then I would very much appreciate it if you would please fix this.

Thank you.