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[Game][Minor] 2 Graphical glitches

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1. Death Animation Glitch
In midlane, I got into a fight with my laning opponent, ignited him, and walked away leaving ignite to finish him off. He died in the fog of war, so I didn't see his death animation, but when I pushed up to his tower and what was suppose to be his corpse came into my vision, the death animation played as though he had just died. This was ~12s after his death.

2. Grievous Wounds Debuff Mark Glitch
Again, In lane during a fight with my laning opponent (different game, different champ) I ignited a Kale and let ignite tick while my jungler finished her off. She died with Ignite still ticking. Upon reentering her lane, she still had the grievous wounds mark above her head, but was taking no damage. She died to my jungler, so I did have vision of her, but I was not looking at her during her death. I was using TF with the Tango skin, and she was using Kayle's new Aether Wing Kayle skin.

I also have another strange issue with the client, but considering that it's unrelated to the game and graphical glitches, I'll make another post for it and retroactively put the link in this one.