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Learning Syndra

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Double Delta

Junior Member


So hello people.

I'm fairly new to the game and have decided to pick Syndra despite the difficulty curve.
I've been reading guides and am trying to improve, but I have a hard time early game generally.

I prioritise Q of course, since it's a great ability. I can poke pretty reliably with it and there's not much I can say about this I think.
I have troubles deciding between W and E, though I have troubles using W generally, it feels slow at times and not very responsive when I move around while holding something.
Actually I have troubles landing abilities whenever I'm aiming near the edge of the range circle.
I'm doing pretty well with the E, though I have no idea why the cone isn't centered on Syndra (makes me miss some shots which can be pretty annoying at times =x).

As far as itemization go, I always start with that small mp regen trinket thing. When I rush chalice, I take 2 since I'll probably upgrade it athene's grail eventually. I get 3 health pots with it.
When I rush tear, I only get 1 but with 2 additional mana pots.
When I take boots, I pick sorcerer's for the mpen (and eventually upgrade them with alacrity).
Generally, after I get those items who are pretty core, I try to adapt for the situation at hand. If it's going well, I start upgrading but if not, get some armor or mdef (the mdef part works a lot in favor of upgrading to athene though).
If I need armor, I grab chain armor to eventually make a zonya.
If it's going really well, I start rabaddon's deathcap.
When it's not going well I have trouble catching up though, plus I have no escape (not yet level 12 so no flash for me).

So any tips on how to play Syndra correctly? And item building?

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The Perfect Thug



I usually start wards and potions. Depending on their jungler i might take w first. I drop a ward over the blue wall and toss it towards mid to put them behind.

As far as items i get chalice then tear then boots then i go for deathcap. Rylais and void staff are good. I also max q then w. Best dps output. Practice landing stuns and when you ult try to have 2 orbs out. Don't waste time trying to get 4.

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Coming from a player who is in the middle of learning Syndra, I've realized that smartcasting is your friend with her. If you dont know what smartcasting is, it basically makes it so that instead of pressing q/w/e/r to activate a skill then click your mouse, pressing the key will make the spell activate automatically and the target will be where ever your mouse pointer is. You can set the smartcast in your key bindings menu.

Practice in a few bot games with her. She's takes time to get used to alone, and smartcasting takes a few games to get used to as well. For starting items I'd say you have a good idea of what you need for her. It's always good to see another Syndra player in the making good luck in your journey and remember, she has SO MUCH UNTAPPED POWER.