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[Guide] Lux, The Ion Beam Cannon

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For this guide I will focus on Lux's ability to nuke. Just to get all this out of the way, I did not say carry. Nuke meaning you do a lot of damage really quickly. Death is not guaranteed from the blast but after affects will kill you.

How to nuke 101
Get a lot of + damage.
Have the mana to cast your spells.

So we are going to do just that, I might add that you need good aim to pull off anything with Lux. Every move she has is a skillshot meaning she casts without needing a target. Many people see this as a Con, however the ability to shoot into a bush, or drop shots behind a tower and hit champs while being miles away is just awesome.

The hardest lesson to learn is not to save your skills, you will have so much mana and regen you should spam them. It is the difference from dropping one nuke and dropping 2 or 3. You are not here to get the last hit, you are here to start the party.


Lux's damaging spells charge the target with energy for 6 seconds. Lux's next attack ignites the energy, dealing 20-190 (depending on Lux's level) magic damage to the target
Personal notes: almost useless for this build unless you are close or, melee at the start of the lane phase.
**Rumor, not fact!** >This passive could change in a patch or something to help increase Lux's damage. The change would make it so the passive could work off both melee hits and spell hits.<**Rumor, not fact!**

Light Binding
Fires a ball of light towards a target location, binding and damaging up to 2 enemy units. The first target takes 60/110/160/210/260 (+0) magic damage and is bound for 2 seconds. The second target receives 50% of the effect.
Personal notes: Like Lucent Singularity this ability is two fold. This is a wonderful offense and defense spells. Not only does it do a great deal of damage, it can root an enemy or two down so they stay put for your next spell. Locking them down with Light Binding and following up with a quick Finales Funkeln is a great combo. I want to make note that this spell can only prevent movement, not casting or attacking.
The defense part of this spell is simply to prevent movement. What can't move can't chase you. Try running in a line so the enemy doesn't dodge while they follow you, in a line.

Prismatic Barrier
Lux throws her wand to the target location and back, protecting herself and all allied champions it touches from 50/75/100/125/150 (+0) damage for 3 seconds.
Personal notes: I have a love hate relationship with this spell. It is a skill shot boomerang, meaning it will fly in one direction then return. Get one level and stay there until you must put points in it. Im not saying don’t use it during early lane phase but the real value comes from team fights later when you can pop it on your whole team. Lots of people are asking to buff it, but any more buff would make this spell too strong with its ability to barrier 5 targets twice.

Lucent Singularity
Creates a zone that slows enemy units by 14%18.5%/23%/27.5%/32% (zone lasts 5 seconds). Can be detonated to damage enemies in the area for 60/105/150/195/240 (+0)magic damage.
Personal notes: Another spell that has wonderful offense and defense ability. This is your harass spell. Fire it in the bushes or just touching the sides and it will light them up. You can view if a gank is about to happen by knowing where in the bushes an enemy is.
On top of that it is great early game AoE damage, so it can hit multiple targets. With similar damage to Light Binding it is a great follow up to that attack spell. This main difference is that the damage will not be delt unless the enemy is in the spell's AoE during detonation. You can manually detonate this spell once it is set up on the ground by pressing "E" again. if you don't manually detonate it will automaticly detonate after about 5 seconds.
Also it has a slow. The reason you might want to wait to detonate is to apply the slow affect to any pursuer. Or create a wall/zone that an enemy does not want to just walk into.

Finales Funkeln
After a short delay, Lux fires a stream of light in front of her, dealing 300/400/500 (+0)to all enemy units in the area.
Personal notes: This is Lux's signature move, what I call her Ion Beam Cannon. While this move will not one shot an enemy at full health, it will cut them down. Too many times have I seen (and im guilty too because I tried it out.) people saving this spell. They save it later game to snipe kills. Now this works, but it also takes kills away from your carries. Remember we are not a carry with this build, we want to zap them with a cannon and have most of an enemy team enter a team fight at half health. Then when it comes off of cooldown zap them again while you are cleaning up.

Level up Priority (basic)
Finales Funkeln (R) > Light Binding (Q) > Lucent Singularity (E) > Prismatic Barrier (W)
We have a few things going on here. First note that Prismatic Barrier is last, we do this because the skill is best used for later game and when you have a lot of AP to buff it. So purely if you want to have it early game, get it second or third. Also note you are there to help your lane partner, do damage and save their as.. Butts with a root from Light Binding. Level up Light Binding and Lucent Singularity as much as you can, and hit the enemy as much as you can with them.

Level up Priority (advanced)
Finales Funkeln (R) > Lucent Singularity (E) > Light Binding (Q) > Prismatic Barrier (W)
What has changed is that we have swaped Lucent Singularity for Light Binding. The reason you might want to do this is if you are laning with somebody else who can root. Allowing you to add a slow to their root.

Doran's Ring
Health Pot

Tear of the Goddess
Sorcerer's Shoes

At this point you have spent 2565g, using nothing but your base damage and magic pen to attack with. You MUST get Tear of the goddess asap. Time between this step and the next gives you time to ramp up your mana for an AP boost the other team wont see coming.

Archangel's Staff
Glacial Shroud

The Glacial Shroud will boot your AP give you the much needed CD for more spam.

Zhonya's Ring
Frozen Heart
Void Staff or Abyssal scepter
Lich Bane
Guardian Angel

This is the stack step and last step, these items will help you stack more ability power, magic pen, mana, and move speed. It is about here you sell your Doran's Ring as well.
I also wanted to note the update on Glacial Shroud, we will change it into a Frozen Heart at this step. If you follow the Deathfire Grasp build, you will replace Glacial Shroud with Fiendish Codex, and Frozen Heart with Deathfire Grasp.

More notes on items:
Mostly used for every stat besides the extra damage on attack after spell cast. You may be able to move this item out of your build if you opted for all movement speed Quintessences. (thanks Destabilizator)

Void Staff vs. Abyssal scepter
The reason I add this option in the build is that items are the only way to change up your game while you are in it. Sometimes people will not pick up magic resist, and sometimes your team will have a lot of magic users, or AP champs. You should be clicking on the other team's champs to see what items and stats they have. Our build contains (with Abyssal scepter) 50 magic pen and 15% in the tree. As a baseline pickup Abyssal scepter, if you see more then 2 or 3 of them have more then 50 magic pen, swap to Void Staff.

Sorcerer's Shoes (Taken from Wavforce, thanks for the feedback.)
Another thing to look at is Merc Treads, again this is a way to change up the game. If you see a lot of slows, stuns, roots, and/or silence, Merc Treads is an option. I would change to getting a Void Staff as you will be stuck with only 10 magic pen until you get to your Void Staff vs. Abyssal scepter step of items. (Later in the guide I will talk about Cleanse, another option that will let you pick Sorcerer's Shoes over Merc Treads)

Frozen Heart (thanks everyone for the feedback on this item.)
After looking at this item again the quickest change is to just pick up Glacial Shroud. it gives us everything we really want from Frozen Heart just less of it at ~1400g cheaper. We want the mana, and we want the 20% cooldown. This might be a faster way to get to our Zhonya's Ring and later pick up the full Frozen Heart. This will leave us with 29% cooldown (if you went with blue AP runes).

Frozen Heart vs Deathfire Grasp (Thanks Pastrytime)
Looking over these items I would say if you are going to use flat or per level cooldown runes go with Deathfire Grasp. Also you will want to get Elixir of Brilliance for the lost 10% cooldown. Frozen Heart or the new rethought Glacial Shroud is made to give you a big boost to cooldown, and mana (letting you cast more spells, and giving you ap on top of that.) Again it will all start with your blue runes, cooldown-->Deathfire Grasp & Elixir of Brilliance, Ability Power-->Glacial Shroud (Frozen Heart)

In this order:
Doran's Ring
Health Pot
Tear of the Goddess
Sorcerer's Shoes
Archangel's Staff
Glacial Shroud / Fiendish Codex
Zhonya's Ring
Frozen Heart / Deathfire Grasp
Void Staff or Abyssal scepter
Lich Bane
Guardian Angel

Masteries + Runes:
Red- Magic penetration
All of her damaging abilities are magic based.

Yellow- Flat mana regeneration
Not mana regeneration per level (although you can it will not hurt you), you will have a Tear. Flat mana regeneration is purely for the time up to and shortly after getting that item and while it is ramping up.

Blue- Flat ability power
We do this because we take longer to get a boost to our ability power. You are able to go with cooldown if you want to go with Deathfire Grasp instead of Frozen Heart.

Quintessences- Flat health
Based on our tree, our health will be under 450 without these.
*You can run two and a movement speed one, or all movement speed Quintessences if you want. Just remember, stay back you will get burst down and die.

I run a 9/0/21 tree.
Get all mana regen talents, get all mana increase talents, get greed (yeah more gold = your items faster), skip spell affects, and neutral monster buffs.

1/3 Deadliness, 3/3 Archmage’s Savvy,
4/4 Sorcery,
1/1 Archaic Knowledge.

1/3 Good Hands, 3/3 Perseverence
2/4 Awareness, 4/4 Expanded Mind
1/1 Greed, 3/3 Meditation
3/3 Quickness
3/3 Intelligence
1/1 Presence of the Master

Summoner Spells:

As mentioned by Wavforce it is easy to lock you down, I normally go with cleanse or flash for that extra survivability.
The other spell is:
Clarity if you are going to lane with another mana user (and if you spam because people like to let you hit them during lane phase) Teleport to get back up into the fight or jump to save a lane
Note: if you are spaming your abilities and you should be, get clarity for sure.

It is easy to hit somebody with a skill shot if they are running at you (or a friendly) or away from you. The fastest way to get to safety is a b-line to the heal zone, or turret.

This is the opening while opponents are running at you or a team fight open with ult, toss your shield, lock them down with your snare, drop a slow (behind them if they might run, behind your team if they push you back.), then while they are running into the slow your ult should be about up for you to clean house. Do not get in the middle of the team fight.

I will clean up all the spelling and add more later, time has caused me to stop. Leave some feedback, and please remember this is a guide for how I build Lux as a nuker. Check your troll mask at the door. Thanks and good luck.

-Added personal notes for abilities
-More detailed guide for the masteries

-Thank you guys for all of the feedback, just wanted to get to a few replies to the guide.
Ozy thanks for clearing that up, for people. A caster is squishy, there isn’t anything you can do about it unless you build tank with your items taking away from the purpose of a caster.
Ozy goes on to talk about Lux's abilities, "Lux at least has a two roots, an AoE slow, and a shield. You can hope to slow down the chase and get off your damage at the very least."
I totally agree with this, and I’ll address it in the guide under abilities:
Serverny made a great comment about Frozen Heart "unless enemies have no physical DPSers at all"
As we know Frozen Heart is just wonderful against Physical damage dealers. I assumed all teams would have at least one. I will be writing an item change guide based on if this happens. The other thing I wanted to note was that the defense stats are secondary in priority to the mana and cooldown. If we can pick up something else to compensate I will be looking into it.
Mbirk corrected me on the masteries on that you only get 9% cooldown, the numbers were fixed. He has also commented on the Frozen Heart. I agree with him that it is more expensive, only offers 15ap (when used with a Archangel's Staff), and the glacial shroud cost about double. I have my own thoughts about this and I will put them in the section based on the work around for Frozen Heart.
Last I wanted to mention Pastrytime, he has a guide out as well if you wanted another option. We differ on our views for how to play Lux and offered the option of Deathfire Grasp in the build. I will be testing it out, maybe post my thoughts in the Frozen Heart section. http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board...d.php?t=309589

-Added an ordered list for skills

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Junior Member


I suggest replacing the Sorc Shoes with the Merc Treads. It is WAY too easy to lock down a Lux, and her shield won't even fire off if she is stunned/silenced. If youget Void Staff, it is usually ok to skip Sorc.

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I've been using this build for a while and it fits perfectly. Although I prefer more AA than Lichbane, your range isn't anything shiny and by the time you get lichbane you don't really wanna go in to autoatk them.
As for runes I ran mp5/lvl yellows and CDR blues, which combined with masteries and frozen heart pump you to 40% CDR - laser farming ftw. Quints are MS, I just love them too much and starting with 339 speed on harassing champ is awesome + you can outrun Garen :]

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I Am A Person



just wondering, whats stopping you from instantly getting killed in team fights if they decide to focus you?

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I Am A Person:
just wondering, whats stopping you from instantly getting killed in team fights if they decide to focus you?

The same thing that stops any team from focusing any squishy... nothing.

Lux at least has a two roots, an AoE slow, and a shield. You can hope to slow down the chase and get off your damage at the very least.

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funny how you said you focus on her ability to nuke, but don't get any CDR. Her ion beam cannon CD comes down to 24 seconds with CDR maxed (not hard to do with runes and 2-3 items) which makes her pretty scary sometimes.

Also drops her snare to 7ish seconds i believe, which means it should be up every single time you need it.

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funny how you said you focus on her ability to nuke, but don't get any CDR.

Dude, I STRONGLY recommend you to click "Learning Center -> Items"and read Frozen Heart's description at least 3 times.

Also, CDR over 30% from items+masteries+runes is usually an overkill as well, cause you should keep blue elixir as much as possible anyway.

2 the OP.
Thx for the idea of AA->FH, gonna try it. Looks like its the best CDR item on her(unless enemies have no physical DPSers at all), cause DFG requires you to be too close to use active and considering AA - manaregen on DFG would be an overkill and wasted stat.

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Kind of sad to see this as I'm about 15mins off posting my own Lux guide (was hoping to be the first!). Can't say I agree with your guide exactly but I suppose if you want Nuke Lux this might be a viable way to go about it. My main issue isn't actually with your build at all but with the fact you're viewing Lux as a nuker which is something I just couldn't disagree more with. To each there own I suppose, not a bad guide.

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Frozen heart is interesting.
I was going to say 25% was overkill. But you did say flat ap blues.
Masteries are only 9% btw, not 10. t3 blue runes give 5.85.
The mana only gives like 15ap with AA. Not super efficient. but something for sure.

Its more expensive then a SS, too. That 700g going to blue elixirs, wards, another ap item.
And much slower.
850 for a kindlgem giving 10% cdr, vs 1685 for glacial shroud.

Very interesting. The build I champion is dorins->tear->kindle->AA->SS.
Even that I am concerned just doesn't build enough damage fast enough.
FH would be even slower I would think. You are getting that CDR even later, as well as the defensive boosts.

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Just as a comparison, here's the guide I posted:

http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board...d.php?t=309589 (http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=309589)

And also while I'm at it I suppose a few comments.

I think Frozen Heart is overkill as you don't really need the CDR that much. Your masteries, Runes (assuming you take them) and Deathfire Grasp (I know it's not in your build, but it's a really good nuking item if you want a nuke build and it's my standard item with Lux) gives you ~25% CDR which is more than enough. If you're really at a point where you need CDR then grab Golem for a tad, or you can grab another cheaper CDR item toward the end of the game to really cap yourself.

EDIT: Lol forgot Blue Elixir =S Ofc that's more than enough with the other items I mentioned.

I did like the Neutral monster buff duration mention though as I don't think Lux really needs it, what on earth would she take in Utility instead though? Moar xp?