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The best 3v3 champions?

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A few of my friends from school love to play 3v3's, and I'm trying to decide on some great champions for 3v3 so I may easily beat them ^_^

I notice assassin's don't work very well because atleast 2/3 of most 3v3 teams are bruisers.

Suggestions please sirs?

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Actually, most of the time the whole other team are bruisers. Tanky champs tend to work well in 3v3 because most of the game is ganking. If you do want an frail champ, try to get one with CC. In 3v3, a good blitz is devastating because they can pull an enemy in easily, granting an early first blood. I find nidalee really good because early game she can harrass well and once she hits 6 she can execute opponents well.

Champions like draven or ezreal (AD carries) are viable but lack CC, making them easy targets for early ganks.

Some champions that are cheap and I would suggest are Jax(Can jump & stun and can build offtank), Alistar(can get for free by subbing to riot games yt channel, great early game ganks by pushing them toward turrets and can punch enemies into the air. Yi is really good overall, and is exceptional at 3v3.

Basically, tankier champions tend to work better in 3v3 because they can take a lot of harrass and dish out a lot of dmg as well. Thanks for reading! ^^

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Impending Demise:
A few of my friends from school love to play 3v3's, and I'm trying to decide on some great champions for 3v3 so I may easily beat them ^_^

I notice assassin's don't work very well because atleast 2/3 of most 3v3 teams are bruisers.

Not necessarily true. I Fizz most the time with my friend who plays garen. So long as you can escape or have a distracting char that can pull them off you, you can destroy. Fizz ends up, for me there, burst dmg killing in 2-4 hits by end game.

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In my experience, pure carries and pure tanks (Alistair, Nautilus, etc) don't work well. Tanky dps (bruisers) and tanky ap's are the way to go and the more CC they have the better. I've also noticed that the vast majority of games are won by the team with the most Blackfire Torches.

When I get frustrated and need a couple of almost-guaranteed wins I queue up for 3v3's as Riven, Fiddle, or Swain.

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Rank/Draft Mode Tier List *Vi Patch* - Sam

Shout OUT! Vraell! I'm taking over now cause he quit LoL, Hope you guys enjoy this tier list! If you guys have any requests or any ideas, tell me, and I'll see what I can do. If you don't like it feel free to give me reasons and not verbally abusing me.

P.S. : This tier list is based off of my opinion and experience, you don't have to fully agree with all of it. And each role the champions are on, they are put there because I feel that is where they excel their strengths on those roles.

Stream Link : http://www.twitch.tv/sam#

556 Thumbs Up! !

Tier Darius :

Tier God :
God AP :Singed, Rumble
God Carry/Bruiser : Olaf, Jayce
God Jungle : Lee Sin
God Hybrid : Jax
God Support :

Tier 1:
AP Carry : Gragas, LuLu, Katarina, Karma, Cho'Gath, Elise, Diana, Kassadin, Evelynn
AD Carry/Bruiser : Yorick, Renekton, Tryndamere, Xin Zhao, Rengar, Jarvan IV, Shen, Kha'Zix, Wukong, Pantheon
Jungle : Riven, Nunu, Dr. Mundo, Shyvana
Hybrid : Kayle
Support :

Tier 2:
AP Carry : LeBlanc, Kennen, Malphite, Brand, Cassiopeia, Orianna, Vladimir, Syndra, Mordekaiser, Ryze, Zyra
AD Carry/Bruiser : Garen, Nidalee, Skarner, Fiora, Volibear, Ezreal, Gangplank, Warwick, Vayne, Udyr, Zed, Irelia, Talon
Jungle : Nocturne, Rammus, Hecarim, Shaco, Maokai, Amumu
Hybrid : Akali, Poppy
Support : Leona

Tier 3:
AP Carry : Swain, Annie, Galio, Ziggs, Malzahar, FiddleSticks, Sion, Lux, Morgana, Fizz, Ahri, Karthus, Soraka, Teemo
AD Carry/Bruiser : Graves, Miss Fortune, Corki, Caitlyn, Tristana, Draven, Trundle, Vi
Jungle : Master Yi, Sejuani
Hybrid :
Support : Janna, Alistar, Blitzcrank

Tier 4:
AP Carry : Anivia, Heimerdinger, Zilean, Veigar, Viktor, Twisted Fate, Xerath
AD Carry/Bruiser : Nasus, Kog'Maw, Urgot, Sivir, Ashe, Twitch, Varus
Jungle : Nautilus
Hybrid :
Support : Sona, Taric, Nami

Description of tiers:

Tier Darius : It's Darius... "How does he do it"

Tier God
: Champions that are really all around strong. If you play against one! Good Luck!

Tier 1: Champions that are taken most of the time, really strong picks. These are generally the most banned champions.

Tier 2: Just under tier one, these champs are very good, common picks. You will see them banned after T1. These champions fulfill their roles well.

Tier 3: You will rarely, if ever, see these champs banned but they are still good. Not the best, but still good and worthwhile.

Tier 4: Ehhh... I recommend not to pick these. There are just so many better champs... Just saying!

Tier God
Singed : Really bad early game, if pressured out of lane and blocked from getting CS (Creep Score) he'll be useless, but thats never the case, he can bully you hard in lane. Outstanding Ultimate, probably the top, best ultimate for TT. His whole kit is perfect for TT actually.
Q - Poison that last 2-3 secs that hurt incredibly.
W - Insane slow when dropped on you and walk on, really strong CC.
E - This is the second reason why Singed is consider OP! His fling is insane. It has range! RANGE! Once you fling their squishy champion in it, its over.
R - Don't need to talk about this... God Mode Activated.

Lee Sin : Very amazing early game/mid game. But starts to scale off in the late game. His early game and mid game is what makes him that OP! His jungle presence is really strong. Really high AD to start with as well. He is very fun as well, you can mess around with his combos. But overall he is a Tier God from his presence/jungle.
Q - Really High Burst, that once you hit him/her with it, you can fly through walls and etc onto them.
W - Incredible Shield, Easy Dash for escapes as well.
E - Weak damage, but very strong slow.
R - incredible damage you can flash, kick with this making it really, really strong.

Tier 1 :
Rumble : An underestimated pick! If played correctly, he is an unstoppable beast. His ultimate is amazing as most team fights are fought in the jungle or in lane really doesn't matter. Therefore, your entire team will take full damage from his ult as it can block nearly every passage. This combined with his insane Q AoE damage makes the game very hard to win.
Q - Strong Burn Damage, add with the yellow bar, it is devastating.
W - incredible speed, a nice shield to go along with it.
E - Really strong burst/slow.
R - devastating for sure! When dropped correctly in team fight.

Morgana : She is great! All that needs to be said. All her ability work well in TT. Her Q stuns for 3 Seconds! 3 Seconds! You can do so much in 3 seconds. Her presence is really scary aswell! When
she is played correctly in a teamfight, it would be the deciding factor of the game. She is really strong with an AOE team. No Lie.
Q - 3 Second Stun, High Burst.
W - Pool, Drop MR quick!
E - This is really strong on TT, can use to take away from exhaust, or any skillshots.
R - This is what makes her really, really strong! When your in team fight try to get between whole enemy team and have a hourglass! This would for sure win you the game. Stuns whole team. High Burst! What can you hate about it!?!

Gragas : High Burst, his ultimate is really deciding factor of the game aswell, you mess it up, can either help you still, or prevent you from winning. But he is a top tier pick because his mobility, burst and ultimate.
Q - Toss a barrel, high burst. Easy way to CS.
W - Keep you sustain in lane, quick mana regeneration, makes you really beefy as well.
E - Escape mechanism, high burst if land on a champion. Can clear CS easy as well.
R - Incredible Ultimate. Throw it correctly and toss 2 enemy out of team fight and keep one on you and your teammates and it'll be a 2v3 in 2-6 seconds.

Yorick : He can change the factor of the game with one spell, his ultimate. He can change the game to a 3v3, to a 4v3. Or revive your teammate back up or yourself. Like a free Full HP GA ( Guardian Angel ). Overall he is a strong tank, strong slow, chase easily.
Q - Chase mechanism, when he hits anything. increasing his movement speed.
W - Slow mechanism, this is how you can chase.
E - High burst, free lifesteal.
R - Bring back the dead... This is the OP'ness! Enough said.

Trydnamere : He has a really strong presence on lane or jungle, High critical, ultimate is really strong, but can be countered by Rammus or by an full Exhaust team. Overall he is a really strong pick and is recommended.
Q - instant heal, high damage.
W - Incredible slow, drop all champions damage dramatically.
E - Goes through walls, decent enough damage.
R - This is what a lot of people are scared and hate or think he is OP about. Well to be honest, it is kind of OP, because it goes through silence, stuns, and etc. Could be used at anytime. So this is why his ultimate is really strong. And keeps him from dying for 5-7 seconds.

Gangplank : He is top-notch high burst champion at level 1-2. His damage is really strong. He can build tank and his ultimate is incredible, used at right time, get lucky with the bombs, and you would win team fights. No Doubt About It!
Q - Incredible burst, slowly drop your hp as well (like a poison), and slows you down.
W - Anti-CC, allows you to get away from anything. Ex. Malz Ulti, WW Ulti. ( Like Supression, Silence, and etc. )
E - This is steroids on champions. Give dmg, speed, everything you need.
R - Game changer! Global! High DMG!

Udyr : Strong Tank, High Damage, Incredible Stun Burst. And can get Ulti at level 1! OP!
Q - High-Ass DMG Burst. Can be jungle or lane. Whatever you prefer or needed.
W - Incredible Shield, every hit you get, gives you back mana, super sustain.
E - Super speed steroids, Insane 1 second stun!
R - Good AOE, hit somebody 3 times, You'll understand the definition of burst!

Riven : Not a lot of people play her, but she is really incredible. Her mobility, her damage, she is just overall outstanding and deserve this tier placement. She can chase people really easily. So watch out when you play her!
Q - Dash, mobility, decent damage, and a mini stun.
W - Mini stun, high burst. Enough said.
E - Dash, mobility, and shield.
R - High Damage increase, when activated again, top tier burst right there!

Rammus : People mistaken how strong this champion is. His jungle presence is insane. His kit is build for Tryndamere counter and ganking. He is the definiton of a "tank". He is the best tank in game against AD's. So before you hate on this little guy, try him out!
Q - Incredible speed, 1 sec stun.
W - This is what makes him super tanky.
E - Taunt them. Really, really... OP... Taunt lasts 3-4 seconds. You can do so much in 3-4 seconds. Thats why he is so incredible.
R - his ultimate allows him to actually push lanes, a really nice AOE dmg.

For now this is all I can post up. Tomorrow I'll have T2 - T3 done. For now thanks for checking it out and if you have any recommendations or anything, go to "3v3" chat to find me. Or just leave a comment telling me what or why something needs to be change.

Enjoy your day!

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^^All quoted from Sam

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In my experience, pure carries and pure tanks (Alistair, Nautilus, etc) don't work well. Tanky dps (bruisers) and tanky ap's are the way to go and the more CC they have the better.

Nautilus is incredible in 3s because of the narrow lanes in the middle between altars almost guarantee an anchor pull, plus you can put some AP on him and his spells hit like a truck. Plus, everything he has is a cc move (even his autoattack). and his ult can knock up the whole team as an engage, disengage or nuke. While I agree Ali is lackluster in 3s, Nautilus is the man.

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Here's a good Tier list for 3v3. http://thetwistedtreeline.com/tiers.php (http://thetwistedtreeline.com/tiers.php)