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Known bugs and Issues

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couple of bugs for osx 10.9.4

when launching lol; even for the first time that day or boot, I receive a message "another instance of this application already exist" or something of the sort.

If I resize the client window to fit my screen, and I receive a game found notification, the client Gui, completely moves off screen.

Since the last update the game has crashed on me countless times.

Even when the client is running properly if I check my activity monitor I see the following "Lol patcher(not responding)" , "Lol UserKernel(not responding)".

When switching resolutions from the in game video interface, the mouse icon cannot pass through certain dimensions of the screen. Usually goes away after switching back and forth 3 or 4 times.

Hope this post helps the programmers out.

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I tried to play league on saturday and league wouldn't open. I reset my computer and attempted to download league again. Long story short it has been 3 days and i still don't have league. It goes up to 88% or 33% and then stops when the KBS goes from 500 to 0. I have kept trying to download it over and over but i get the same thing no matter what. What is wrong?! How many times do i have to try to download this game again?! I have the newest MAC and have had league on my computer for almost a year now.