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League of Legends on Mac – In PBE Testing Now!

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Junior Member


hey Steve bro..i just download it on my mac but now i cant use that because i dont have any account and the register page has been closed due the large amount of account registered..can u help me get one?by the way, my client is now patching for more than 30 hours..is that normal? my ping to wikipedia.org is about 325ms..it says that 158:48:30 remaining and over 2500MB to download..is there any simpler way i can do this?i really need help from advance since im new to mac send me an email on [email]XXX[/email] please..thanks

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QA Analyst


Hey Darczov, a mac client is available for live!

For more info go here: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=3178669

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having trouble with my girlfriend's mac client. I downloaded and installed fined. Ran into a small issue where the fix was to "repair install". Once installed, she played a couple of games and it worked great.
Problem: she has to reinstall if she closes the client

Please help

-a very happy PC user with a frustrated Mac using girlfriend