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ADC Items -

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White Widow



I don't understand a few things when it comes to ADC items etc.

How come a ranged attack damage carry needs a blood thirster/infinity edge/black cleaver for damage? They don't use melee weapons.

I understand the last whisper because it actually looks like a bow and arrow and would be used for an ADC.

i think ranged carrys need to have there own genre of items

like you binded the item ravenous hydra to melee champs only
well maybe you can make and bind ranged items for ranged champs only

idk just random **** i just thought of when i was playing.

p.s changed wits end picture to madreds bloodrazors old picture xD

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Yes, because we totally need to pretend this is a regular RPG and that you wield the items you pick up.

Meanwhile, it would look retarded if we just bought "soul of Infinity" "spirit of Bloodthirst" and "Cleaving soul" instead of "Infinity Edge" "Bloodthirster" and "Black Cleaver"

On an unrelated note, I'm probably going to have to cosplay some champion wielding one of the items now, because the idea of Graves using Infinity Edge, Teemo using Runaan's Hurricane and Yi using Last Whisper is amazing.

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Senior Member


Because this isnt an RPG. Look at the total of item in the games. Its enough hard to balance them all, imagine if, for roleplay purposes, there would have 3x more item. Then you wouldsay ashe uses a bow, graves a gun, so they can use the same item. Warwick uses his paw, not sword to deal dmg. Why can you get more than a chestplate? (Sunfire + warmog)

You need to balance roleplay and gameplay.

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What'll really ruffle your feathers is that Hurricane is the only Ranged AD item that builds out of Recurve Bow. And, at the same time, the only Melee AD item that builds out of a Dagger is Zerker's Greaves, which depending on how much CC or what enemy laner the game happens to contain, you won't be building them anyway.