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Support Bruiser/AD Support?

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I was thinking about how most support champions' abilities scale of AP and I was thinking about maybe a tanky brawler support instead? The skills would go something like this:

Passive - Each basic attack gives (Champion name here) bonus maximum health equal to 2% of his attack damage, to a cap of (50 * level).

Q - (Passive) Each consecutive basic on a target decreases its armor. Stacks 3 times.

(Active) Next basic attack applies a debuff to the target. When (Champion name) or an allied champion deal physical damage to the target, the debuff is consumed, dealing bonus physical damage for each passive stack on the debuffed enemy.

W - Shouts loudly, taunting all enemies near him for 0.5 seconds, and healing all nearby allied champions for 5% of his maximum health.

E - (Passive) For every 3 seconds that he is not in combat, (Champion name here) gains one stack granting him bonus armor and attack damage. Stack up to 5 times. Upon entering combat, he loses all stacks and their bonuses, but gains a small move speed boost.

(Active) A wide line skill shot that rolls through the first 3 enemy in its path, dealing physical damage and slowing.

R - (Champion name) begins pounding the ground furiously. The first time an allied champion is hit by this ability, they are knocked into the air for 1 second. Channels for 5 seconds, dealing significant physical damage damage around him per second, and slowing all nearby enemies.

What would everyone think of a champion like this?

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Senior Member


No clue how that passive works. Are you saying every basic attack increases his max health? Huh?

Just giving someone the Black Cleaver isn't terribly original of an ability. The bonus damage thing is interesting, but I'm going to need some context to justify it. I mean, most other effects like this are residual magic. How would you justify an ability dealing bonus physical damage on mark consumption?

Alistar's shout with a taunt attached. Not terribly original, and could easily be broken by stacking on the Warmogs.

Another ability with a passive is generally a bad idea unless you come up with a good reason to justify it, and having a gank-suppressant stapled onto a slowing line isn't exactly justification.

Oh look, it's Wukong's ult. That's...nice.

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Well. There goes thaat idea. xD

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Junior Member


I think the ideas are good in theory, I wouldn't toss it out, just tweak it a bit. 5lacker has a good point with the 2 passive q-w-e skills. But I do like the main passive. Could only gain a cap of 900 HP. That's not a horrible amount, especially for a tank. It's not a ton of health, and its not so little it's useless. Maybe half the stacks drop off when killed?

I'd take off the Q and E passives and leave the just actives and it looks pretty good. The R seems a bit unique, channeling for 5 seconds might be a bit much, or you could give it a longer cool down.

just my 2 cents on the first one of these i've read.
I'm not an expert by any means.