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LoL Chess: Party Three - So Close, Yet So Far

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Shallow Cubes

Senior Member


Hi, all - Another situational question here about the best way to approach the in-game situation detailed below. And perhaps a solid, suggested guide for my friend to help out with his Graves play. Thank you in advance!


Game: Summoner's Rift
Time: One early game situation, then late / end game

Team One:
Maokai - Jungle.
Akali - Mid.
Poppy - Top.
Soraka - Support.
Graves - ADC.

Team Two:
Olaf - Jungle.
Fiddelsticks - Mid.
Darius - Top.
Alistar - Support.
Ezreal - ADC.

Playing support for my friend who is relatively new at Graves (so if anyone can suggest a good guide to follow for an S3, build that would be much appreciated).

I am on Skype with Maokai, and I notify him early on that I have cleared all the wards at bottom lane. He spends most of his time mid and top lane, though, neglecting us for a majority of the beginning of the game. Fiddle was pushing middle hard, and Olaf takes advantage of the lack of support to bot lane, surrounding us at tower with Alistar and Ezreal who promptly annihilate us and put us behind considerably. By the time Maokai saw it, he arrived after the enemy already left.

So, question: In this situation, is it correct for the jungler to ignore bot lane when middle is being pushed (and top needs a little help)? I understand that if a lane is losing, the jungler may see this and focus on other lanes, but Graves was up on kills to the Ezreal at the time (and the only reason we retreated to tower was because I back-pinged when we spotted Olaf coming through our jungle). Was the lane lost then, or was that a mistake on Maokai's part?

And then late game, when everyone is getting scary... What is our best course of engagement? Take into account that my friend is not the best jungler or initiator (as he tends to initiate when he has no back up and fails to initiate when we are ready - awareness challenges). Can we rely on Poppy to initiate with her ult (which is what it kinda boiled down to)?

We were trading blows pretty evenly on team fights, but the enemy team was profoundly better on securing objectives. Even if we won the team fight, since we had immense chasing potential (I was running Shurelya's and and Twin Shadows), you'd think we could push hard. Feel free to check out the game on lolking for builds and what not (might also help to determine if Graves was building correctly).


TL;DR - Early game, if top and mid lanes are getting pushed in a bit, does this merit the jungler completely ignoring bot lane? And late game, how do you engage as Team 1 onto Team 2? And can someone post a link to a Graves guide for my friend, please? Thank you!

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I though that LoL chess would be a LoL themed Chessboard

Poppies and Dariuses peons
Maokais and Alistars towers
Sorakas and Fiddles bishops
Graves and Olaf Kings

Akali and Ezreal Queens

that would be a neat chessboard