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Night in the life of LOL

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Come home from work

Decide to play 3 games atleast to level yourself

Login to LOL

Get yourself queued for a game

Wait in queue for 2-3 minutes while surfing LOL forums and reading MCHamier's threads in General. <.<

Get yourself in the game

Pick Jax with heal, port skills

Wait for the game to start

Surf on the General forum some more while the game is loading.

Start the game, select the Q Skill and buy regrowth pend from NPC

Choose the top lane, and endup with Kayle as your partner.

Opponents as annie and Ryze.

Farm on minions while pushing the top lane unitl level 2, pick up the E skill and OOM. (Thats the part I really hate)

Than port back and get the boots

Port back to the top turret and kill annie.

Than Ryze also unfortunate and runs back to his second tower just so Jax nearly killed him.

Jax starts hitting the opponent's turret at the top and manages to distroy it (at level 8 by the way)

Ports back gets the Hammer that leads to Trinity force.

Runs back to the top lane and pushes his minions towards the second opponent's turret and see Ryze who stunns him while annie shoots the jax with her Q skill...Kayle shows up and shields jax. Annie and Ryze run and stand by the tower.

Jax jungle while Kayle pushes the top, Jax gets the blue and red buff returns to the top lane and pushes his minions towards the second turret and this time manages to hit the turret. Eventually distroyz it.

Jax jungle again for the dragon and runs to the bottom lane where ashe ryze annie and twitch trying to gank the pair of 2 (forgot what other characters were since I am half a sleep when I play the game)

Manages to kill Ashe and Twitch, and annie and ryze runs to their base and all the Jax team members along with him stand in front of the base. (every opponent tower is down at this point)

Jax takes off to distroy the final turret which is in the base right before the inhibitor (at level 15) He manages to distroy it and the inhibitor and looks at the opponent's yellow message "surrender failed 1/3"

Jax runs to the bottom lane and does the same and runs back to join his gank party and pushes mid.

At the end of the won game, Jax recieves a message from the opponent saying that "YOU ARE SUCH A BAD ASS"

And Jax smiles.

The end.