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HIDE and SEEK specific rules

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Hide and go Seek *Specific Rules*
Hide and seek has become a popular custom game mode, unfortunately the rules have never really been put down in quality. So here we go.

Basic rules:
-this game mode is to be played on dominion and in draft mode .
- It lasts 40:00, for this is when hiders win.
-There are 5 hiders and 2 seekers. --The seekers get unlimited lives, hiders get five lives
-Recommended champs to ban,not mandatory, hiders ban, Warwick, twisted fate, lee sin and Ashe
-Seekers ban teemo, Evelyne, shaco and kassadin
-storm shields are allowed
-clairvoyance is not allowed ever for anyone
If you don't know what cc is here is a good link, http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/redirect.php?do=verify&redirect_url=http%3A%2F%2Fleagueoflegends.wikia.com%2Fwiki%2FCrowd_control

Hider rules:
-Hiders can only use cc ,or crowed control, jumps, speedups or heals(as long as it doesn't deal damage).
-Only one warded ability allowed per bush ex.Teemo shroom, traps.
-Absolutely no auto attacking, this goes for Ashe and sejuani. Nautilus is the only exception. Auto attacking will be pardoned the first time, but after that it is -1 life.
-Killing a seeker is strictly prohibited, though a good tactic is to group up and do damage with just cc but killing a seeker is not acceptable and will result in loosing a life.
-Getting Rylia's and using abilities does Not count!
-You may not attack an enemy under 300 health but you can harass them if they are teleporting back and not under 300.
-If you loose all 5 lives you must go to the center of the map or at base, you cannot be on the outer ring or in the jungle.
-You must sell all your items *can keep/buy shoes, guardian angels, or warmogs*.
- If someone happens to go afk, one of his lives will be donated every five mins(chose among each of you who gets it).
-Lives can be given to each other freely, remember to state who gets it each time in the all chat. Seekers might want to mark down how many people have how many lives.
-You cannot go back to base, you can only buy items when you die
-Only two hiders can be in a bush at a time
-Remember that you can all gang together and do damage together
-you can go on the first and second segment of the stone path leading into the base

Seeker rules:
-Must wait until 2:00 mins before going out of their base
-Must recall at -300 health, if you kill while under 300 health the seeker will not loose a life, if you die, the hider will lose a life
-Only one slowing item is allowed for both seekers.
-Revealing items ex. Lightbringer,oracles and hextech sweeper are only allowed at 20:00 mins and only one seeker can have one.
-You cannot attack "dead" people in center.
-hiders get a 30 second grace period after respawning

If someone is a troll just be the better person and surrender, it's just a custom game. Explain why your surrendering and rehost a new game, when rehosting I found it useful to make the title: Hide and Seek rehost, [your champions name]

Banned hider stuffs:
Thornmail, guardian angel(see hider death), sun fire cape, rabadons, black cleaver

Ahri: charm and spirt rush allowed
Akali:twilight shard and shadow dance allowed
Alistar:all abilities allowed•
Amumu:bandage toss and curse of the sad mummy allowed
Anivia:flash frost, crystallize, and glacial storm allowed
Annie: incinerate and molten shield allowed
Ashe: volley, hawkshot and enchanted crystal shot allowed (of course no autoattacking)
Blitzcrank: all abilities allowed•
Brand: Conflagration, and sear allowed
Caitlyn: yordle snap trap, and 90 caliber net allowed
Cassiopeia:noxious blast, miasma, and petrifying gaze allowed
Cho'gath:rupture and feral scream allowed
Corki: phosphorus bomb* must be across over a wall* and Valkyrie are allowed
Darius: apprehend and crippling strike allowed
Diana:crescent strike*must be used across wall* and rest are allowed (of course no autoattacking)
Dr. Mundo: infected cleaver and sadism allowed
Draven:blood rush and stand aside allowed
Elise:venomous bite, cocoon, skittering frenzy and rappel are allowed (you cannot use venomous bite's or skittering frenzy's counterpart)
Evelyne: hate spike,dark frenzy and agony's embrace are allowed
Ezreal:arcane shift allowed
Fiddlesticks:fear, dark wind, and crowstorm allowed
Fiora:lunge and burst of speed allowed
Fizz:*due to large damage output urchin strike is disabled* playful trickster and chum the waters are however allowed
Galio:all abilities allowed•
Gangplank:remove scurry, raise morale and cannon barrage are allowed
Garen:decisive strike, and courage allowed
Gragas:drunken rage, body slam and explosive casket allowed
Graves:smoke screen, quick draw allowed
Hecrim:devastating charge and onslaught of shadows are allowed
Hiemerdinger:H-28g evolution turrets,CH-1 concussion grenade and UPGRADE!!! allowed
Irelia:bladesurge and equilibrium strike allowed
Janna:all abilities allowed•
Jarvin:all abilities allowed•(dragon strike is only to be used to get to his flag, NOT for damage)
Jax:leap strike, counter strike and grandmasters might allowed
Jayce:to the skies, thundering blow, and acceleration gate allowed(to the skies counterpart,shock blast, not allowed)
Karma:all abilities allowed•, heavily wave only allowed if healing(if an enemy happens to get in the way, their fault)
Karthus:wall of pain allowed
Kassadin:null void, force pulse and riftwalk allowed
Katarina:sinister steal, and blade waltz allowed
Kayle:reckoning, divine blessing and intervention is allowed
Kennen:electrical surge, lighting rush, and slicing maelstrom allowed
Kha'zix: leap and void assault are allowed and(of course no autoattacking)
Kog'maw:void ooze and living artillery allowed(living artillery only allowed across walls)
Leblanc:all abilities allowed•(Sigil of Silence with chained Sigil of Silence from ultimate is not allowed however)
Lee sin:all abilities allowed•(sonic wave only allowed across walls)
Leona:all abilities allowed•
Lulu:all abilities allowed•
Lux:light binding, prismatic barrier, and luminescent singularity allowed(luminescent singularity must cannot be pre-detonated)
Malfite:seismic shard, and unstoppable force allowed
Malzahar:call of the void and nether grasp allowed
Maokai:arcane smash, twisted advance and sapling toss allowed(only one sapling per bush)
Master yi:highlander and meditate allowed
Miss fortune:let it rain allowed
Mordekaiser:just... Don't use him... Just don't, trust me... None of his abilities are allowed
Morgana:dark binding, black shield, and soul shackle allowed
Nami:all abilities allowed•*ebb and flow cannot be cast on an enemy first*
Nasus:wither and furry of the sands allowed
Nautilus:all abilities allowed• *because staggering blow,his passive, is cc, it too is allowed. Be careful though, if the root does not land it will count as an basic attack. Also due to the fact that nautilus can use auto attacks, frozen mallet/entropy/phage/tri force is restricted.
Nidalee:bushwhack, pounce and primal surge are allowed (the other component of primal surge,swipe,is not allowed
Nocturn:all abilities are allowed•
Nunu:all abilities allowed(remember that seekers can stand in your ultimate if they want, if you kill them,-1 for you)
Olaf:undertow and ragnarok are allowed
Orianna:all abilities are allowed (command:attack can only harm seekers if thrown across wall)
Pantheon:Aegis of Zeonian and grand skyfall allowed
Poppy:heroic charge, Paragon of Demacia and diplomatic immunity allowed
Rammus:powerball, defensive ball curl, and puncturing taunt
Renekton:all abilities allowed•
Rengar:battle roar, bola strike, and thrill of the hunt allowed
Riven:Broken wings, ki burst and valor is allowed
Rumble:scrap shield, electro harpoon, and the equalizer is allowed
Ryze:rune prison is allowed
Sejuani:all abilities allowed•(basic attacks are allowed, due to the fact that sejuani can use auto attacks, frozen mallet/entropy/phage/tri force is restricted.)
Shaco:all abilities are allowed• (remember jack in the boxes can easily kill)
Shen:feint, shadow dash and stand united is allowed
Shyvana:burnout and dragons decent is allowed
Singed:mega adhesive, fling and insanity potion are allowed
Sion:cryptic gaze and deaths caress are allowed
Sivir:spell shield and on the hunt is allowed
Skarner:Crystalline Exoskeleton and impale is allowed
Sona:Aria of Perseverance, song of celerity and crescendo are allowed
Soraka:astral blessing, infuse and wish are allowed
Swain:decrptify and nevermove are allowed
Syndra:dark sphere, force of will and scatter the weak are allowed(force of will can only harm seekers when cast across wall)
Talon:rake, cutthroat and shadow assault are allowed
Taric:imbue and dazzle are allowed
Teemo:blinding dart, move quick and noxious trap are allowed
Thresh:all abilities are allowed•
Tristana:rocket jump and buster shot are allowed
Trundle:contaminate and pillar of filth are allowed
Twisted fate:gold card, red card and destiny are allowed(blue card is not)
Tryndamere:mocking shout, spinning slash and undying rage are allowed
Twitch:ambush and venomous cast are allowed
Udyr:bear stance and turtle stance are allowed(udyr can auto attack only to activate bear stance's stun)*due to the fact that udyr can use auto attacks, frozen mallet/entropy/phage/tri force is restricted.*
Urgot:terror capacitor and Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser are allowed
Varus:hail of arrows and chain of corruption are allowed
Vayne:tumble,condemn and final hour are allowed
Veigar:even horizon is allowed
Vi:vault breaker and assault and battery are allowed
Victor:gravity field and chaos storm is allowed
Vladimir:sanguine pool is allowed
Volivear:rolling thunder and majestic roar are allowed(volibear can use the flip from rolling thunder)* due to the fact that volibear can use auto attacks, frozen mallet/entropy/phage/tri force is restricted.
Warwick:blood scent is allowed
Wukong:decoy, nimbus stike and cyclone are allowed
Xe'rath:arcanopulse, locust of power and mage chains(arcanopulse is only to be used on someone with mage chains on them)
Xin zhao:audacious charge, crescent sweep are allowed
Yorick:omen of pestilence and omen of death are allowed
Zed:living shadow and shadow slash are allowed(shadow slash can only be used on enemy by mimic)
Ziggs:hexplosive minefield and satchel charge are allowed
Zilean:rewind, timewarp and chronoshift are allowed
Zyra:rampant growth, grasping roots and stranglethorn are allowed (grasping roots cannot be used on rampant growth)

•means that when it says all abilities allowed, this does not include their passive. Unless stated so.