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Heimer - Not quite so techies (A heimer playstyle guide)

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I will go ahead and start this off with a bit of personal information regarding this hero whom in all honest can be as useless as an afker. In the same sense can truly be untouchable when within his own world.

Heimer - Not quite so techies

No matter how you look at him a missle/nade heimer is not really feasible since their cool-downs are long and for most of the game have better uses. After winning a few dozen games with over ten kills and assist with less than three or four deaths max I have to say I feel I found his standing point.

The Afro yodelers zone - 1.1

With heim it seems easier to do some things and harder to do others when in all honesty its just a matter of taking it slowly. Your goal is to never leave lane unless you have teleport up. To acomplish this overall goal you need to keep as many of your turrets up as often as possible. However that is far to simple to play heimer properly in my opinion. Within each lane there are zones prime for heimer to setup his own little fortress of death for any enemy who dares try to make the kill. This zone which I will refer to as the heimer zone is an area in which heimer will and should run to and around when enemy's attempt to attack or kill him. Turrets or underestimated which in most cases turns from casual damage to death

Tuning into the Heimer Zone
- 1.2

I will not try to blindly describe areas to place your turrets or locations that are preferred or not preferred. It is all situational based upon the enemies and how the flow of the lane is going. However I will actualy tll you what kinda of situation your looking for.

Best situations to setup a zone

  • Where you can safely solo hold creep waves in a lane hopefully near an enemy tower but not a leap away from its range.
    • by the time you pressure with turrets moving forward you should be level 3
  • Any place reasonable enough for a fight against enemy's yet frequent enough where setting up 4 or 5 turrets upgraded to level 2 can get use.
Bet you already kinda figured that out since its the easy part. The hard part is spacing and spreading your zone effectively. If your turrets are to much in a line then a lot of hero skills will be able to hit all of them and kill them rather quickly. The best setup I suggest is something like a pentagon shape with the 6th turret in the middle. You can adjust this to fit the area your trying to control in some situations its better to have a zigzag pattern sets of two. This will allow you to run around the center so all turrets can hit and also allow less area for an enemy to be able to safely escape to. If an enemy commits to going all the way into your zone you better make sure they die.

Reasoning for the Heimer Zone - 2.1

Keeping all turrets within your zone at tier 2 is top priority over getting tier 3 turrets. The reason for this is that tier 2 turrets reduce armor/magic armor per hit.

6 turrets x -1 armor/magic armor per hit = ow?

Ya sounds stupid but its what allows heimer his untouchability within his own zone. The damage of those little turrets gives heimer effectivly the highest early/mid game DPS.

Heimer shows a little leg 2.2

Well not really but it works something like bait. Most people understand that if heimer dies so does his fort. Settings up a wide enough fort to cause issues will grab attention. Then once the people in lane either can't do anything or fail trying to once or twice help will arrive. You do not need to bait with low hp on heimer that's your lane partners job to run to your zone. Just take it easy and wait like fishing so long as your in lane they will want you dead.

How to actually do something 3.1

Alright here is the nice advice for making the kills and winning the game.


when someone comes in your zone determine all whom are the threats and decide priority. However its clear your turrets all have a will of their own.

  1. Range DPS
    1. Anyone who can out-range your turrets is hard to bait in thus it will take a lane partner to make this possible unless of course the range DPS has a melee or tank run in that they think its safe to sit behind.
  2. Melee DPS
    1. Anyone who has the potential to kill you quickly with physical attacks is a major threat and this must be blinded/exhausted
  3. Mage AOE Nukes
    1. Fiddle, Nunu, gangplank Your worst enemy's in terms of keeping up a zone. Fiddle and Nunu are minor compared to Captain Crunch who doesn't even have to be there. The other two can be stunned and die rather fast to turret nest however.
All DPS are to be blinded/exhausted, while all mages are to be run from without fail. Heimers best weapon is letting opponents needlessly chase him around his zone while they die faster and faster due to reduces armor by turrets. The opponents have the choice to do nothing about it but in turn you will destroy every tower they have by the 30 min mark if left alone. If your team is smart they see your zone as base which they can run to for safety or port to when they want to get back into the fight. Most of your team if not all of them will want teleport for the case of you being with them. I find my self back at base for no more than 5-10 seconds to shop. I will return to base an average of 8 times a game depending on the situation. This means for over 95% of any match I play heimer I am in a lane pushing ever so slowly.

The mobile fortress that any retro 80's cartoon heroes would be jealous of - 3.2

Alright overly long name for this section but what ever. The point is heimer takes time and lots of it since your not going to be going out of your way to go and help your team. Your team comes to you because you are always out there. There should rarely and hopefully never be a time you can not start setting up a zone within a lane.

when I find my self in mid lane with two of the towers down there I am looking at the next 10-15 mins of stalemate. For most people this is just to much to bare or they feel they must run out to help their teammates. THIS IS WRONG YOU HAVE YOUR ZONE STAY IN IT! If you die and your zone is gone there is no longer a safe spot there and thus your team will need to pull back to base as a whole more frequently. With heimer and his mobile fortress setup on the scene you can take more risk without actually risking it. Few enemy's will chase a low hp into the zone and the few that initiate a team rush into have spelled their teams doom. It is generally hard enough to fight a team 5v5 but with 6 turrets reducing your teams armor and your all blinded you wont get far.

The key to unlocking a towers death within a lane - 3.3

This part is extremely simple like most of this rant so called guide of mine is. Heimers EMP bomb has fair damage against towers being magic based. The range on it is actually quite a bit further than it appears but since its so slow most people don't notice. The best thing to do is when ever your zone is well setup to just lob a few EMP bombs at the tower when ever you can. This is slow and takes a lot of time to kill a tower but you will never ever need to go back so long as you take it nice and slow.

I finish this rant at 11:30 am with no sleep like most of my so called guides by saying this.

As heimer just run in a circle blinding your opponents as much as possible and let them try to take you out with over 3k hp and 250 armor.

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Comfortably Numb

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Tier three turrets also have -1 armor/magic resist.

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Comfortably Numb:
Tier three turrets also have -1 armor/magic resist.

It is not added though so I thought mention was not really needed since all you get at T3 turrets is a rather small aoe which is only useful for creep waves.