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Lee Sin Legendary Skin Drunken Po

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Metallic Voodoo



I imagen Drunken Po Lee sin holding a beer glass in one hand nad he is constantly wobbling he would have long hair but it would be just above the shoulders, he would be wearing a wife beater and a open button up shirt over it and something covering his eyes

when auto attacking he wobbles all over the place and keep throwing kicks and punches

joke: idk lets see what u guys think

taunt: idk lets see what u guys think

Dance: start to break dance but keeps falling over

Q: he throws like a beer glass at target/ runs madly towards target

W: Idk waht for shield/takes a swig of beer


R;does a backwards elbow at target then

im open to any suggestens u guys might have and i encourge them i would love to see riot make this skin

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Junior Member


My god i wanna see that!