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$25.00 RP Give-A-Ways

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AG stat1k

Junior Member


Hey whats going on everyone!

Alchemy Gaming will be conducting a couple RIOT POINT Give-A-Ways over the next week.

Alchemy Gaming is a new up and coming gaming organization. Our League of Legends team is always sitting top 36 NA and just falling short! Be prepared to see us a lot more in the future! We also, have our CS:GO team, a Masters Protoss Player for SC II. We are always looking for more players and teams to rep Alchemy Gaming.

Our overall goal is starting a new Tournament Center in Southern California! Anyways, enough about the Organization for now! I am sure you all want a chance to get some Riot Points!

Here are the rules to get your chance:

Follow us on twitter: http://twitter.com/alchemy_gaming
Follow us on facebook: http://facebook.com/alchemygaming
- Once on facebook you must make a post with a brief explanation on why you deserve or need or want the $25.00 Riot Point Card.
- Be sure to like and share at least TWO other posts!
Follow us on Twitch! : http://twitch.tv/alchemygaming

*note - the above twitch account is the one that counts for the Give-A-Ways.

You may also check out some other AG members @ http://twitch.tv/team/alchemygaming

Myself and the other members of the organization will be reading, liking and sharing your posts! This will help me determine a winner. Be Creative, the Official give-a-away date is still to be determined.

This is going to become more frequent as long as we get the people following us and interested, even if it is just for the give-a-ways!

EMAIL: [email]support@alchemy-gaming.com[/email]
you may send emails to the above address or to our Facebook with any questions.

Thank you for your help and support! We will always do our best for every gamer involved with eSports and within our Organization!

Josh Simpson
CEO Alchemy Gaming Inc.

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baka janai desu

Senior Member


I entered. Hopefully I can win so I get some skins finally ;_;

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Senior Member



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love me tender please