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64 team Paid Tourney (Seeking interest)

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Good afternoon. I am fairly new to LoL, but have been hooked and really enjoying the game. I love the massive tourneys that RIOT runs, the pro leagues, and so on. I also love the amount of free tourneys that are run by companies, but since starting, I have thought this game would be PERFECT for paid entry tourneys. Would make the game even that much more intense and give people a feeling of playing for something and trying to win cash vs RP.

I am NOT looking for any money now, more interest. Price ranges would be hopefully $10 or $20 a person (so $50 or $100 a team) to get the prize pool up enough to make it more serious and more intense for the people involved. If you are interested, but would need lesser buyin, still send in info and we'll see if it matches people's interest.

-Rounds 1 and 2 are best of 3 series with one week to complete
-Rounds 3 and 4 are best of 5 series with one week to complete
-Rounds 5 and 6 (semis and finals) are best of 7 with two weeks to complete
-5v5 teams
-Summoner's Rift

Please reply with the following information or you can also email me at [email]arakfalas@gmail.com[/email]. Again, this is not binding you in, but letting me know if this is something that could happen
-Team Name:
-Entry Fee you are okay with:
-Anything about the tourney you feel it should have:
-Must be level 30 Summoners

If this gets to the point of getting filled, I will make a site for tracking, etc. As this will be first tourney I will be running (of more if this goes well), I will look to get streaming, etc. going as well for the next time.

Thanks for reading and hope to hear from you soon!