Give me Hellfire Sorakam and I will pay.

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I've sworn to myself, and friends that I wouldn't spend a dime on LoL because as it stands I have no need to. I enjoy playing the game immensely and it is a ton of fun. I enjoy making the IP and 'earning' my runes oldschool instead of paying for boosts and what not but I understand how some people don't care to spend the time doing that and I certainly don't argue what they choose to do.

HOWEVER. I've started playing Soraka as of late, and have enjoyed her a ridiculous amount. Several games I have ended in the last 24 hrs since I started playing her with 18+ assists.

To the reason of this post, I want a Hellfire/Demonic Soraka skin! I would gladly pay for a skin of this nature for Soraka transforming her from the Starchild to the Hell's Mistress!



edit: titles can't be edited *sigh* I gots too excited.