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150$ Prize Pool - NC league tournaments, Will people enter?

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hey guys!
I made this thread to discuss the the title due to the fact me and my other partner who host NC league tournaments are currently in progress of our first free tournament with 50$ RP prize which was free to enter, and we both have being having some great laughs and fun over watching the games and hosting them.

We were interested after this tournament of hosting a 150$ prize pool with only 4$ per person entry fee which is 20$ a team. We will make it all legit so there is no possible way for us to scam by doing it through Paypal and having the team registering buy a ticket which will have terms and conditions applied to it, so if we don't fufil the terms and conditions of what the ticket was suppose to buy you ( entry into the competition) you can get it refunded.

But we honestly couldn't care less about that me and him have always wanted to make our own little business not just for cash but for the love of league of legends, we just cant pay out so much cash since we dont earn to much haha that is why we are making it payed entry

IF YOU WOULD PAY THE SMALL FEE AND COME JOIN THE TOURNAMENT ! just say so below so we can organize it we just need 8 team or more to host it so thanks!.