Dunkmaster Darius skin

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So, for a while now I have been thinking about a legendary skin akin to the league all-star skins; Dunkmaster Darius
This legendary skin would have darius wearing a basketball jersey and shorts, with the jersey having "Dunkmaster" on the back, the 2 numbers on the back would be some significant date, like when the skin came out or something.
Dunkmaster would dribble a basketball as he walked/ran to places, and would carry a giant trophy that would function as his axe.
his /j would be something like, "I may not know how to shoot, but I know how to dunk" (cheesy, I know.)
his /t would be something like, "Prepare to be schooled, Dunkmaster style" (another cheesy one, I know.)
his /d would be some sort of victory dance.
his /l would be his normal laugh or whatever
Anyways, the good part:
Dunkmaster's passive would no longer be blood drops, it would be flaming basketballs.
And when there were 5 stacks, they would turn into a flaming basketball hoop.
And when he ultys someone that has the hoop, what happens is either:
1) if it will kill said target (because we all know that it usually does), darius yells, 'DUNK" and the hoop shatters as he slam dunks it with the basketball that he carries around, applies damage while doing this, and the target dies,
or 2) if it doesn't kill the target, the hoop doesn't shatter and he says nothing, or possibly something like, "next time"
Tell me what you think!
Also, if this skin actually got made, Sweet.