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Pbe please loss prevent

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Trinity R

Senior Member


HF D3v1l5:
I understand its for testing and everything...but inst that pretty much what it is..?

No its not, And I seriously hope you do not have a PBE account, it soul purpose is to TEST, fine bugs and submit them so as a community we can make this game stronger and better, The more people abuse this trust that RIOT gives to us, the more they feel they will take it off some people that do not deserve it, PBE is not a free version so that you can do whatever its for testing, Not testing a build or a champion, but testing because you may have found a bug in Live or You aren't sure about certain conditions that may trigger something.

As I said before people that abuse this shouldn't be on here in the first place.

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Not Much U

Senior Member


Everyone keeps talking about finding bugs like it's the easiest thing in the world.

At most, most people get to confirm a bug, and that's if there happens to be one related to the hero you take. Obviously using new content increases a chance of you finding one out, but still.

This server is also for preformance and feedback, giving Riot some clue as what they should try to balance out, tweak out, improve etc. ,and despite what you say this server was made to be, admit it, you get free stuff and that's what drives a lot of people in. I do not approve nor like this, but it's a fact.

As well, am I the only one interested in asking if the "loss forgiven" hand out system is the same as in PBE. In that case, this might just be a bit of a glitch, despite the circumstances the OP discovered them in.