I rather Like Lux, Well balanced support

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I dont think I've ever actually posted a thread before but I felt compelled to to throw in my initial thoughts on our latest champion. I have played tanks(or off-tank) and support toons almost exclusively. With the addition of Lux, I have found a character that seems to suit me well.

She seems to have a playstyle that is very interactive and requires thought and postioning with a small bit of micro(Singularity). I think she has a great passive for farming and early harass while not being ridiculus. She seem to have found a great balance between defensive/mobilty and damage

I sincerely hope that she does not suffer any negative impact due to the outcry of the uneducated player base. Trying to be as bias as possible I don't percieve her as being overpowered. Her damage outside of early game (with a full skip dump including ult and passive hits) is not that impressive. This of course is not a problem with the diverse support tools she has.

TLDR: I hope everyone else is enjoying the new champion as much as I have and here to hoping she stays intact despite the QQ. Balanced Champ- Thank you Riot!