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skin and champion sales schedule

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Chasing Ghosts



not sure if this was the right place to post this suggestion. if not can a mod please move it accordingly.

anyways the suggestion is to increase the sales period from 3 days to 5-7 days, but adding an additional 2-3 skins/champs per sale. you end up still getting about the same amount of skins per day, but have a longer available period.

the reasoning behind this is, i have a very low entertainment budget, even though i am not a teenager anymore i still live on about the same amount, so i find myself missing a lot of skin sales because my funds available and the skin sales do not often coincide, i'm sure many others face the same issue, since gaming tends to have a younger demographic and younger people tend not to have a high amount of funds available at any given time.

i, like many would like to support this game, and love a sale, but find myself missing the deadline because of the short time period of the sales.