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Itemization Guide

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hey I'm in a guide writing groove right now and was wondering if anyone would be interested in an itemization guide

basically it would be a collection of guidelines for every stat and item so that when a champion gets changed or a new one is released you can use it to figure out some good items yourself
if there's interest, I'll edit this post and add in more

here's a sample, Haunting Guise
most of them will be in this short format, depending on complexity

Stats: just the stats
Use: reason why you buy this item, when to buy this item
Counters: what this item counters
Combos: items this item works well with (I hate to use the word synergy but it's that)
Alternatives: items with similar stats and have similar effectiveness in the same time period
Upgrades: items that have similar Use but are often stronger overall; usually this is for slot efficiency late game
Other: just side notes

Haunting Guise (1485 Gold)

180 Health, 20 AP, Unique: 20 Magic Penetration
Mid game power increase; you'll have your ultimate and high skill levels while most players have low magic resist
Sorceror's Boots, Abyssal Scepter, Deathfire Grasp
Abyssal Scepter (expensive, higher AP and helps allies)
Void Staff (lose Health but more damage)
Rod of Ages (more Health and AP, Mana)
If you have Sorceror's Boots and replace Haunting Guise with Void Staff, consider replacing Sorceror's with Mercury's Treads