Hide and seek Rules

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Hi i am making this thread for making rules right. I am a fan of hide and seek and i am trying to improve the game for both sides. so feel free to give advices, but i shall say that i know what im doing

**special rule : hiders gets 25 lifes for the team, nobody is ever out. (or u go 5 lifes for each hiders if u want)

Seeking rules :

1-vision items availlable at 15 min. (both team actually)
2-recall below 300 health
3-leave base at 2:00 min.
4-only 1 twin shadows for the team
5-Rylai OR frozen Mallet ( trinity force or entropy dosnt count)
6- No CV summoner spell
7- Canot camp ennemie base
8- Must give 30 sec Grace for hider after a death.
9- Can use as many oracles as they want (after 15 min)
10- IF he kills a hider while below 300 health, the kill does not count.

Hiders rules :

1- use movement spells, escape or cc spells only**
2- can not back to base
3- Must hide but.... can help mate to escape with cc spells on seekers
4- Only 2 hiders in the same hiding spot or bush.
5- Cannot build dammage
6- can get storm shield

items banned (hiders)

1- sunfire cap
2- thornmail
3- gardian angel
4- gauntlet
5- twin shadows
6- frozen mallet
7- wooglets witchcap
8- randuins' Omen
9- rylai scepter
10 - wraith collar

Special champs rules

ashe : her frost shot allows her to basic attack and use w, but only to escape, or save mates. cannot be use to chase or kill seekers.

Leblanc : q is not cc... dont use it

Kennen : u cant use q or e except if its the stun time

shaco ; already OP, dont put more then 1 box per bush use it to fear, not to kill

Teemo : u can use as many mush as u want sounds great ?

Gangplank : Cannot use parley or basic attacks.

Master yi : alpha strike is not allowed (way not an escape spell....)

fiddlestick : cannot drain or use ultimate

Fiora : come on dont pick that champ... (hiders)

Blacklist :

(will be update soon

**every spells that only buffs / reduce attak speed, armor, magic resist is not allowed.