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Need help playing Malphite

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Just started playing this week using Sej throughout most of my matches. I like the tanky survival she had. I was reading through some of the champs I could get at 1350 and like Malph.

But I'm not really sure what kind of champ he is. Or what my build should be. I look at LoLwiki, but didn't see much help tbh. Any positive feedback would help. Thank you in advanced.

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He is a dedicated tank. He is an excellent jungle too.
The way you should play him is to always act as a meatshield for your allies and attack whoever is focusing the squishy on your team and cc them. As for the rest he is kinda balanced, with decent utility and damage (for a tank).

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I like the AP/Tank Malph build, but thats just me. Winds up looking like.

Boots (Doesnt really matter what kind, get what you need)
Abyssal Scepter
Randuins (or Frozen Heart)
Sunfire Cape
Liandrys or another tanky item if you need it.

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Malphite is a fairly unique champion and my first love. I literally played him from summoner lvl 1 all the way to 30 back before ranked games even existed. He has undergone some changes since then, but it still one of my favorite champions to play. I have posted a lot about him on here, but I never get tired of sharing what I have learned.

One reason you might be a little overwhelmed when looking over his kit is because malph is a rock of all trades, but a master of none. It is hard to find a single stat or item he does not scale with in some fashion. Focusing on any single aspect of his kit will usually work well, but never quite as well as a champion who has multiple skills that scale the same, or a very specific role. For example...

Malph can be an amazing melee AD carry. His 40% AD steroid allows him to scale off of AD, life steal, attack speed, crit%, and AR pen. His splash damage also scales with tiamat and its upgrade. He has a good closer with his ult, and he has good chase with his slow. If the enemy team has 3 or more melee champions he will rock their team in group fights.

However, he is very susceptible to CC, exhaust can completely shut him down, and burst mages can get lucky because he won't be as tough as a traditional bruiser, and doesn't have an ult like tryndemere to ignore their initial nukeage.

He can literally fill almost any role well, but not as well as a more specialized champion. This gives you utility and flexabilty to supplement your team in whatever area they are weak in, at the cost of a sheer specialist overall strength.

The AD carry role works better in TT, where its possible to match up vs 3 melee, with limited CC or burst, but knowing when to throw some if this knowledge of how he scales comes in handy in SR map too from time to time. Other roles you might consider...

AP burst mage: This is one of my favorite ways to play. Build items that have AP, AR, Mpen, and CDR. Ice born Guantlet, Abysmal Scepter, Hourglass, and Sunfire cape are the core items that give you nice burst with your combo and good survival. Grab sorc shoes early as most of your damage is magic, and upgrade them with furor late to stick to your targets better. Ignite is a helpful spell, and when paired with clarity you will always have enough mana for your full combo. Your main job in team fights is to poke with Q and save your ult for their DPS channeler. If they have Kat, Twitch, or Miss F...make sure their ult never sees its duration via your knock up burst combo. If this puts you in harms way use hourglass to give your team time to react to the squish that Is almost dead now and has no more ult...or at least get your CD off so you can burst one more time and maybe take out their main DPS threat.

You won't dish out as much burst as a specialist, but you will be harder to bring down, completely nullify their channeled cults if you are good, and your CC is decent. A good counter to the enemies I mentioned.

He can just do so many things, another example...

Tanky Bruiser: build HP, AR ,MR and Atma's

Jungle: Lantern has incredible synergy with him.

Support: build aura items like aegis of legion, frozen heart, or omen, to supplement normal support items. Use your ult yto secure kills by negating flash or other escapes instead of initiating with it and feed that carry.

He likely won't be the strongest choice available for many of these roles, but he can be a viable and fun champion to play, and he may just be YOUR strongest choice for roles you don't play much. Hope that helps.

Stay Rock Solid,