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[BUG] Can't see Moredekaiser

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Last night I had the weirdest game. There was an invisible Infernal Mord on my team, a visible Spell Thief Lux on my team, and an invisible Sorceress Lux on the other team. There were teamfights from pretty much the point everyone got their ults...it was almost like ARAM...and it was very weird targeting. It was made worse because they had an Akali, as well.

Infernal Mord has been visible for me in the past; it is his other skins that haven't worked.
Classic Lux and Spell Thief Lux seem to be working fine for me. But sometimes Classic doesn't show up. I have never seen the Sorceress Lux on Mac visible.

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Problems with Moredekaiser and Lux too, sometimes appear, sometimes disappear...