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@RiotGames: Solutions to make Champion Selection and Easier Process

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League of Legends has taken a good deal of measures to address the issues associated with player attitude, endorsing ideas such as the Tribunal. However the Tribunal, as wonderful as it is, does not prevent other players from stopping any potential source of frustration BEFORE the game starts. In fact, it only treats the wounds, and does not stop them from occurring. Occasionally in the Tribunal, the problems stemmed at champion select (I’ve noticed this in my games as well). What I, as long as many others, propose is that if there were something in place to stop what is causing the conflicts we see in the Champion Select stage, then not only would the player base be more satisfied, there would also be a rather dramatic decrease in Tribunal cases.

Most ranked (and normal) player’s simply just want to play a game, that is all, but we are forced into a game and have to deal with the other player’s attitudes. There are countless time where I have been frustrated to no end, including today, because I wasn’t able to play a normal game, due to the trolls and lane calling issues. This problem is EVERYWHERE, if you ask virtually any ranked player (mostly those in what is called ELO Hell) they will agree with the sentiment that Champion Select could be improved, if Riot dedicated a little TLC to that portion of the game.

Often we have to go through several queue dodges simply to avoid these issues later on in a game. And to make it worse, the ranked queue dodge hurts quite a bit, escalating from 30 to 60 minutes of ban time, simply for trying to avoid a bad matchup. These punishments punish the good player who wants to enjoy better games that don’t cause him stress and frustration.

I wish for something to be done about this. Below I present solutions, which have been posted by other users, to current problem(s) that occur during the Champion Select stage of a game.

Group Finder
The problem it addresses: Pick confusion (Call vs. Pick Order Debate) between players.
What it would do: Create an interface before a player enters a game, allowing them to choose the role(s) the player desired, allowing for a smoother and cleaner champion selection process.
Source: Taiidann's Thread (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=2715842)

Vote Kick
The problem it addresses: Players who troll or cause complications making the team, which can lead to a frustrating and annoying game in near future.
What it would do: During Champion Select, players would have the ability to vote a player off the team.
Source: LiNK4g's Thread (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=31858782#post31858782)

Personally, I believe both ideas could, and should be instituted. They would be able to work with each other and could help combat the difficulties posed by the annoying, rude, trollish player in the LoL community.

I encourage you to share this thread with your friends, and whenever you enter champion select post this:

Check this link out if you are tired of trolls and role calling issues wasting your time and ruining your enjoyment of LoL:http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=2990536

If all of us work together, who knows, maybe LoL will listen to out suggestions, and do something to make ours, and their lives a tad bit easier.