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mundo mathcrafting...

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Because "tank" builds do stupidly low damage and have no team support abilities, nor any enemy debuff/CC abilities for team fights.

Attack speed and ArPen items are needed so that damage output can be elevated to appreciable levels, a single attack speed item will put Mundo over one per sec.

Without DPS increasers, he is pretty worthless.

Sunfires and Burning Agony deal terrible damage and require you to be at the same range as melee, so saying they are somehow, in any way, better is idiocy.

Even with a Sunfire stacked build and Burning Agony running, Cleaver and Auto Attacks deal the vast majority of the damage from Mundo.

So, why build to itemize weak damage, just to ignore the bulk of your damage production? Doing so is being plainly stupid.

And yeah, Warmog's is rather lackluster, takes too long to build for too little gain, but the OP wanted a 60+ HP/sec build and the easiest way to do that and still have a decent rune page is take a Warmog's.

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Sadism work fine with at least 4k HP, very diffucult kill Mundo. Mundo needs HP/Armor/MR not HP Regen. The passive is terrible i prefer a passive like fidlestick or garen passive *-*.

Spirit Visage + FoN + Frozen Mallet (400 - 700 HP Elixirs works bad, but works) = Burning Agony all the time. But cant support the other skill cost.

Mundos is not a Tank is a melee DPS. See Masochism +100 ATK.

Use Tank Mundo when the enemy team are 4 AP or 4 AD. Only HP +Defense.