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my probs with mac beta

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Invisible mord. this has been around FOREVER without a fix.

getting kicked out of games for no reason/crashing rediculously.

people being able to see my shrooms with teemo full map regardless of wards. as they were losing terribly, i doubt they could warn every lane. my shrooms were exploding upon setting them.

low fps. fixed this by playing on my cousins mac, but my mac laptop is useless for this game.

when i restart the game after a crash, getting a blank message that lets me click "ok" about 10 times before it really restarts.

after crashing and finally getting back in the game, everything is ruined. i can't buy anything at the store piece by piece, i have to buy the full item. this makes me have a severe disadvantage, even when im dominating.

every time i'm doing well i have some kind of insane crash/bug/unreasonable series of deaths (all my shrooms exploding upon set, regardless of where they are set, even in the spawn point, thus teemo is useless). could you guys PLEASE update this? there is no reason to keep playing this game if you will never release or even speak of a release date for the mac update. like everyone who plays this game, i'm really losing patience with the lack of support.

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I agree with the invisible morde thing, but my game never crashes at all. It runs better on my mac then on my roomies PC even, imo. >>