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Amumu's past

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I made this from the top of my head. I expect this to have downvotes (not being sarcastic).
Long ago, there existed a boy in Pessinus, of what is now an area in Turkey. His name was Amumu. Amumu was a kind 6 year old who had a few friends but people admired his thoughtfulness. Pharaoh Anu, a short term rule, with a daughter named Liandry who was also the heir. Times were peaceful because this civilization had peace treaties and a stable economy. However, there lived another heir after Liandry, Amumu's father, Sedet who was the head servant. Sedet was the typical antagonist, greedy, selfish, and willing to use dirty tricks to achieve what he desires. This is the tale of how Amumu came to be.
In a room of moist, sick air, stood Liandry and her servant and lied Anu on his bed. "My dear daughter, it is of misfortune for me to fallen ill, but you must prepare for the day of your inauguration and take what I have taught you and use it to rule wisely.", Anu said weakly. "Father, you'll get better, for sure!" Amumu stood solemnly and shed silent tears. Then, the nursemaid came in and commanded, "He needs his rest, please leave." And so they did.
*Outside of the royal house*
"What to do now?" Liandry inquired.
Amumu replied, "Shouldn't we just remain here today in case--
"No. I'm bored. Let's go rock hopping.", Liandry interrupted.
Amumu's hand was grasped firmly by Liandry and so he followed.
"What if Liandry would become Pharaoh? I would have no friends anymore since she would be busy handling state affairs." he said to himself.
"Come on, you're as slow as a sloth! Catch me if you can!"
*Beside a river with rocks that stayed in the river as step stones. Surrounding it was a lively jungle of trees draped with vines.*
Liandry sticked a finger into the river and frowned. "It's not very fast right now, let's go further." Amumu shook his head, but Liandry pulled him further anyways. As they continued their journey, the river began to increase in ferocity where it could sweep a baby away. His best friend faced the river and scanned for available steps. Fortunately, there were several rocks of sufficient sizes that dotted across from one side to the other. With experience, Liandry gracefully skipped across the river. "Your turn MooMoo." The boy shivered when the river splashed a couple of drops on him. "I can't!" Amumu cried, "I'm going to cry!" Liandry muttered, "Ra have mercy.", and started on going to Amumu.
Suddenly, she slipped on a wet rock and fell into the river. "Help!" the girl managed to squeeze a yell before submerging. Amumu frantically looked around and found a nearby thick vine. He held one end and threw the other end in the direction of Liandry. The vine landed short of her hands. The boy retracted the vine and flung it again which fell upon her hands that desperately grabbed it. With terror fueling his slender arms, Amumu pulled the life on the line. Then Liandry's weight pulled Amumu into the river. "Am I going to die?", Amumu thought before closing his eyes.
"Hah! I was just kidding, the river only looked fast, it was slow." Liandry teased, "Kind of like you, slow as a sloth." Amumu stared back at her, surprised at their survival. A human sized leaf slapped Amumu as he gaped. "Dry yourself on the way, let's go, you were unconscious for hours! It's almost night time." He did as he was told.
When they arrived near Amumu's shed, Sedet stepped out. "Pharaoh's been looking for ya. He ain't gon' be happy when you both be coming home late with no supervision." "Shut it, Sedet, I'm going to be Pharaoh, and you won't be cutting corners when I'm watching you as supervision." Liandry retorted. "Oh will you now?" Sedet smirked and smacked Amumu in the face. The heir stepped forward, but Sedet stopped her. "I own him and have the right to discipline, you dear, have your father to deal with."
Scowling, Liandry stormed away leaving Amumu to cope with the instant purple coloring of his whole face.
"Got any gold from that jungle, boy? Course not, you be getting Koala **** as your meal if nobody helped you." Sedet belittled. The villain stood at a pot and dripped his business. Amumu walked away, but his father said, "Where do you think you're going? The pot's almost full, go empty it into the river." After the man was done with his business, he spit on Amumu's head, and laid on his cot. When Sedet's son went, Sedet rose and picked up a sharp object underneath his bed. It was a rusty sickle with a murderous intent.
The sharp acrid smell of urine pierced Amumu's nose, but he steadily poured the big pot into the river without spilling any. The boy then heard sniffling across the currently calm river. From her red hair, she could be easily be distinguished as Liandry. Amumu crossed the river whose water was drenching his knees and below. The flame headed girl looked up at her friend with watery eyes which seemed red on tonight's moon. "Hey, what're you doing out here?" Liandry sniffed.
"I was emptying out the pot."
"You could say I'm doing the same thing MooMoo." Liandry joked and punched him lightly on the shoulder.
He looked at her face again, flinching when she looked back at him.
"My father, is gone."
Amumu stared back into her eyes in silence.
Then both cried silently and soon fell asleep together.
Leaves rustled around them. "Well, well, well, we got some lova's here don't we?" Sedet chuckled. The men behind him chuckled too and got to work.
"MooMoo!" Liandry yelled. Amumu woke up and saw his friend tied to a pole with.. wood. Dry wood. Sedet walked by, glanced at him, and had a torch in his hand. "Hey, hey, hey, don't you know if you leave a fire burning, it hurts your health?", One of the shady men joked. "LET ME GO!", Liandry struggled against the vines. Amumu stood up, confused about what is happening. And Sedet set the torch onto the wooden pole. Liandry's cries of pain snapped Amumu to focus. He ran to Sedet and threw a tantrum, trying to recklessly hit him with his small fists. "Hahaha, I'm helping you become royal and you're resisting your own father's will?" Sedet kicked him down and stomped repeatedly on Amumu's head. "Help, help!" Liandry cried. Sedet drew a sickle from his back and place the cold metal onto Amumu's neck. "This will be your fault.", Sedet. You murdered her, and you know it. He punched Amumu into unconsciousness and put the sickle next to Liandry's face.
The royal guards slapped Amumu awake. He found the sickle to be in his numb, broken, hand. "Why did you do this? You know what is to be done to you because of this." one of the guard said. "It wasn't me, it was Sedet." Amumu whispered weakly. "I'm sorry Amumu, but the sickle says otherwise." the guard said. And with that Amumu closed his eyes, cried a pool, and saw darkness.
*Years later, Amumu was found innocent by the guards and Sedet was long dead before they did. Amumu's memories were decayed over time. Anubis found Amumu's heart to be heavy and light. The scale wouldn't stop moving. As a result, he gave Amumu a chance to live again as the undead. However, he remained still as his grave was reopened, moved to a pyramid tomb near Liandry and her father, and wrapped properly in bandages after he was found innocent. When Amumu was rediscovered by Annie on a vacation, he joined the league.*
"Recently a new item has been found near Amumu's "birth place", we call it the Liandry's torment!", a man in a hood announced, "This item was rumored to be made based on Liandry's face by one of her torturers! Feel free to try it for 2900 gold!"
Amumu was already summoned before that was announced. "I thought they would never pick me..." Amumu commented when he spawned. After assisting in many battles, Amumu hoarded a large amount of gold. As he browsed the shop, he found Liandry' torment to be what he needs to finish the battle. After buying it, he went out to fight, only to realize his team has been wiped out. "AMUMU, WHAT ARE YOU DOING, IT'S A 1V5." Amumu's summoner scolded. Before the mummy could recall, he was caught by Blitzcrank's grab. A huge exchange of abilities commenced, Amumu's mana was running low, soon he would do no damage. Then, he shot out his Curse of the Sad Mummy. It was sending the enemy team running. "The DAMAGE on Liandry's Torment with Amumu's tears is AMAZING!" The announcer said aloud. "Pentakill!"
When the superminions destroyed the enemy Nexus, Amumu recalled. He took off his mask, and looked at liandry's torment item. Amumu recalled her face. "Liandry, whoever you are to me, I'll be sure to become friends with you, or I'll be sorry."