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Extra Quote

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This idea might have been posted before (and most likely thought of) but I searched for a while and couldn't find it.
My idea is to pay a little RP for an extra quote in-game that would frequently mention other champions too
Things I thought of:

Shaco: Nobody likes Teemo (laughs)
(Okay I didn't think of this one but the others I did)

Ezreal: Enough about me and Taric

Jayce: All this talk about Piltover's finest and nobody mentions me?

Dr.Mundo: Mundo's cleavers don't need to be black to destroy you!

Irelia: Hit me with nerfs all you want, you cant stop me

Lee Sin: Don't ask how Teemo can blind me

Master Yi: Look at your tower, now look at mine. Now back to yours, where did it go?


Feel free to leave positive or negative feedback and I would love to hear some of your suggestions!