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[PVP.net] Client Crash on Game Start

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JJ Unbreakable

Senior Member


Can't login. Can't reconnect.

After the countdown finishes at champion select, it comes up saying "Unknown Error" when everyone else is launching the game.

My game doesn't launch. My client doesn't do anything.
Upon closing the client to re-log, I can't log in.

After typing my password, the user/pass inputs are greyed out and I'm stuck.

The game is running and I can't reconnect and haven't even loaded for the first time.

After waiting on the login screen, the game pops up with an "Unknown Error" window.
After closing out the error window, it sits on the greyed out login screen.

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Same thing happened to me. I did a champ swap with another guy but he didn't hit accept to the swap till the timer was on 0. It spent ages processing the swap before it just froze. Now i can't log in. I thought it might of been due to the swap being so late but maybe not.

Edit: It's now spending ages retrieving data from server, it says while logging in.
I have now had an unknown error reported which asked if I wanted to log it with riot. The yes button does nothing. I left it, and it eventually timed out and that screen dropped. Just sitting on the log in screen with user name and password greyed out.

It is now connecting to my game, probably 10-20 mins in by now.

Got into the game and our team was raped. Got a loss due to server error.