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Kell - Storm Ranger

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This is a very young hero concept that I'm going to share. Even the name is quickly made up just cause I want to give him a name and title like any other hero. I do want to see a character specializing in general support and also somehow carry when it needs to be, although the latter is not recommended. As you can tell from the hero title, it's a ranger. Rangers these days are basically "forest police" for the common people and soldiers in the Army. With those idea, police and soldier, I want to combine them to create Kell.

Skill set is variety from Passive to Ultimate. One of each specializes in an area of being a support: attack, defense, crowd control and heal. Although those are the main function of each active skills, the main usage of it is to get the ultimate crowd control. All of the skills are skillshot, except one skill, to prevent overpowered targeting. The desire seems to be common now with heroes doing pretty much similar things but hear me out.

R - Kell fires an arrow and if it hits, deals minor physical damage, releases a small radius of tear gas, which greatly slows both movement and attack speed for a couple of seconds, and amplifies any damage by a fair percentage.

W - Kell uses a small special syringe to heal himself or replace an arrow tip to heal an ally. The amount of heal scales with max HP of target and Mana of Kell. It means more HP, more heal. As for Kell's mana, the scaling is reverse. The lower the mana, the higher the heal. Mana usage of skill is high enough to limit heal abuse. It's also a 2 second channeling skill.

Q - Kell fires an arrow, in which the tip explodes to release shrapnel to paralyze enemies (basically stun) and continually damage them for a few seconds. (Bleeding effect.)

E - Kell fires an arrow to plant on the ground and camouflages. Serves as a trap and vision ward. If an enemy triggers the trap system, it explodes to blind them, making their basic attacks miss 4 times and provides vision for a second. Only two arrows of this kind can be fired at a time.

Passive - When Kell is on a brush/bush, each skills are amplified on use. Q's bleeding effect lasts longer, E widens the ward radius. W heals for a flat amount that scales on skill level, R deals minor true damage instead of minor physical damage. The passive is his signature skill due to being a Ranger. I believe all sense of a Ranger, in a video game, is their ability to use hiding spots like brushes to perform positively.

His stats evolution are built for midgame. HP and Mana is in par with any of the support characters today. I don't have any numbers yet because this is a work in progress concept. Haha

Attack speed evolution is the same with Ashe, without any items.

His base move speed is a wee bit higher than any other. If that's not possible, it's fine to be the default move speed.

His range of skill usage or placement evolves as he levels. At 18, the range is like Varus' Q max range. Would that be even possible? Heh.

Since he's an archer, he can use skills over the walls as long as its in range.

That's pretty much my concept hero. ANY criticism is appreciated. Although I'm thinking he's already quite OP. Lawl.

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