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Would you like to see similar system implemented in game?

Yes 1 33.33%
No 0 0%
I would like an improved system but I feel this is not the solution. 2 66.67%
Voters 3 .

[Suggestion] Chat Moderation/Ownership.

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The ability for a user to purchase ownership of a Chat Channel and additional Moderation slots.

2000 RP - User can purchase Channel Operator for channel "Blarg".
750 RP - Users or Channel Operator in channel "Blarg" could purchase Moderation Slots for the Channel Operator to assign to users.

With the ability for a user to purchase Ownership it would allow for a user/website community to establish a channel that they could moderate with their own set of rules. Additional Moderation slots would be up to the Channel Operators preference.

Channel Opperator Commands

Function: Kicks the user from the channel for 60 seconds.
Usage: /Kick %username% %message%
Example: /Kick Versedian *Warning: Do type in all caps and do not use abusive language.*
(Sidenote: Only the user that is kicked will see the message)

Function: Bans the users Summoner name and IP address indefinitely until the username is unbanned.
Usage: /Ban %username% %message%
Example: /Ban Versedian *You did not follow the channel rules after being warned by a kick.*
(Sidenote: IP will not be visible to Channel Owners/Mods and to unban the users IP you simply have to unban the username that was banned.)

Function: Unbans the Username and IP associated with the first ban.
Usage: /Unban %username%
Example: /unban Versedian

Function: Allows the Channel Operator to assign a moderation Slot to a user.
Usage: /Mod %username%

Function: Allows the Channel Operator to remove the Moderation abilities from a user.
Usage: /Unmod %username%

Function: allows the Channel Operator to see the ammount of Moderation Slots and the Moderators assigned to them.
Usage: /Mods
Display Text after /Mods is entered into Chat:

"Available slots: 3"
"Used slots: 2"
"Moderator List."
1). User 1
2). User 2
3). Unused

Function: Allows the Channel Operator to set a minimum level.
Usage: /MinLevel %level%
Example: /MinLevel 10
(sidenote) Would prevent Proxy Bots making multiple level 1 accounts to spam channels and would prevent those with Dynamic IP Addresses from flooding with sub-accounts if their main account got banned.

Function: Would allow the owner to set a time limit for players to remain afk in the chat room. (Based on last message in the room not PC idle)
Usage: /AfkTimer %seconds%
Example: /AfkTimer 300
The Example would apply a 5 minute since last text in chat room afk auto-kick with an auto-message of (Auto-AFK Was Enabled in %channel name% for %seconds%.) Sidenote: Would not apply the 60 second restriction that /kick does.


Feel free to discuss your opinion (good or bad) and comment on which commands you like/dislike or ones you feel would be a good addition to the list. Also post potential flaws that would happen in real world situations; I.e. ways to circumvent MinLevel/Ban to spam a room.

I'm interested in seeing what the community thinks about this.