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Dota and LoL comparison

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Disclaimer: if you like the debate u need to upvote the thread. The league of legends community is **** and if they are on the other side of the fense they will downvote like no tomorrow so it is your duty to upvote if you like the discussion going on.

plan to end the debate.

Dota is a better "designed" game then LoL.

League of Legends is a better "Optomized" game then Dota.


In dota you absolutely can not put a tier list on the champions. Everyone had a hard counter and if you couldnt hard counter them because they got fed by noobs, you bought items specifically made to hard counter.

Items like basher, BKB, sheepstick, MKB(for the 100% accuracy). these items made a whole new level of strategy.

In league of legends there is clearly a tier list. The tier list was made because there are heroes designed to do everything another hero can do and still be able to do more stuff and be better then the other hero in every way.

Galio>nunu in every way.

Shen > Morde

Rammus> malaphite.

Ranged > melee.

The general design of ranged vs melee is flawed.

In dota. ranged had massive natural advantages for being ranged. They also were built in with nice little kiting abilities to keep range. But here was the thing. Items that were awesome on agility heroes buffed melee heroes exclusively more then ranged. Example.

Basher has a 25% chance to stun on hit for 1.4 seconds. (2 sec cooldown internal). This effect is 10% if ranged.

Items were designed to give melee champs a good opportunity to jack up kiters so they can actually do the damage they were designed to.

Right now there is nothing feasibly good for melee in a aoe ranged nukefest. They are completely unviable.

Now we go into further detail.

League of legends has homogenized champions.

One hero is just a weaker version of the other hero of the same type.

For instance.

tris, corki, ashe,mf all do the same exact job in the same exact way. They have nothing unique about them as far as their method of winning. Their maximum effectiveness is to pick fights.

I cant evn think of many ranged types of heroes.

We got the classic ranged carry that has some kind of blink ability to maintain range.

The massive damage output champ that relies entirely on auto attacks,.

Thats about it.

in dota i can name so many Types of ranged champs.

A ranged champ that does maximum damage the further the target is. can also heal.(enchantress)

a ranged champ that is a tank and can sacrifice himself to gib one heroes hp bar.(sw)

A classic carry( viper)

A poisoner that does massive damage over time without continuous attack( venomancer)

A champion that weaves through stealth and has the ability to go back in time for 5 seconds.( weaver)

A champion with 2 pet gargoyles that stun and nuke the **** out of you while aiding him.( visage)

A champion that relies on having massive amount of mana to do his auto attack damage. Can banish units and also do a huge aoe nuke to anyone without intel. ( destroyer)

A ranged champ that looks awesome, talks awesome, and has an ult that can kill someone from a third of a world map away. (sniper)

An urgot that wasnt useless(vengeful spirit)

A range hero that could purge buffs from all enemies , cast nukes and tank with mana shield while shooting 4 arrows at the enemies.( medusa)

There are probly more unique ranged carry designs in dota but i am tired and cant think anymore.

This is why dota is better designed. Look at all those concepts for just the ranged carries in dota. League of legends has such similar designs in all the ranged carries in this game that the playstyle never changes.

Now League of legends is massively more user friendly. Thus people willalways like it.

Right now dota cant be placed in a tier list. There is only like 2 heroes that are massively OP but those 2 heroes arnt the end all hroes BECAUSE There are utility items that can hard counter anyone in the game.

The no.1 OP hero in dota is the earthshaker. no. 2 is tiny. Both are easily dealt with by making adjustments in build.

Shaker is countered by sheepstick or black king bar on a carry.

Tiny is countered by nukers.

The design flaws in league of legends is only because they want it to be simple. Once they start gettin unique heroes. this game will be much better. Right now they just handing out different flavors of the same steroids to heroes of the same class.

Why do you think every thinks a good blitz player is SOOOOO COOOOL.

Because blitz is a completely unique design. Pudge 3.0

that is all i gotta say.

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Ok. Now let's compare LoL with Snow Sakura.

One's about heroes fighting in an arena at the behest of powerful summoners.

The other is a hentai game.

That is all I gotta say.

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DotA2 = DotA + Tutorials + Graphics < LoL

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another dota fanboi.

Hey go rice for 40 mins with your agility hero.... Then go kill enemies win game.

Yeah the strat of DOTA is deep.


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How bout we wait until it actually comes out for a change before compare the 2 now shall we?

AFAIK DOTA 2 is Dota completed ported 1:1 with GUI and client/network features that Dota can not have since it is a Warcraft 3 MOD so lets just see...

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i agree with everything besides the part where nukers counter tiny
dota has more unique heroes, people actually die to a perfectly executed gank becouse theres no cleanse+flash
nukers have the advantage of range, in LoL nukes have smaller range than autottacks
the towers attack you if you attack them while there are still enemies creeps left and dont get destroyed becouse u went back once and you can deny towers instead of just watching your enemies destroying the towers

but dota uses the old wc3, where you have delay ingame, the graphics suck, the interface hides half of the screen and there are zero leaver penelaties except you play on dotaleague.com or sth

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Meh. I would like DotA a hell of a lot more if it wasn't on WC3. LoL doesn't need WC3.. That is what makes this game good... Too me anyway.

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Hello ,
In my opinion , LoL can not be compared properly with Dota. A true compare would be HoN vs Dota because these games have the same gameplay and the same heroes.

In LoL the entire gameplay is different then in DoTa. You got more spells and you got even more speccs you can play your hero. At last abbility power in a game like this. It was really no fun to play dota with a Mage or caster and get strenght and intelect on it...

HoN is a DotA copy with way better graphics but not worth the money my opinion.

I chose LoL because it reminds me about the pvp in classic wow , i got a talents specc and the runes and i can play my paladin for example even as healer or as dps scalling my ability power.

I would not compare LoL with DotA. If you want to compare 2 games , do HoN vs LoL , that would be more logical.


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Did you guys even read the OP post? You saw how AWESOME and unique the champions sound?