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Natural Alais



I just wanted to say what a great job I think you guys do on the forums.

There have been a few game over the years I've followed the forums on and I must say your involvement on these forums is by far the best. I tend to not read for a month then binge for a couple days and I'm struck constantly by how much involvement, discussion, and information is given to the community through forums. I see the staff involved in conversations that maybe aren't as forthcoming as some would like, but they aren't evasive, rude, or condescending as I've seen on other boards.

I don't always agree with what is said or done, but appreciate greatly that the rationale behind them is given. I still remember the eve rework, and how long it took, and how patiently and mostly upfront the staff posters were when it was being discussed. Not being interest in design, but mainly the playing, the concept of binary stealth (forgot the exact terms) was new and interesting. So I even get to learn a little about design anyway.

It really make me feel like the staff is actually part of the community, which is a really nice feeling.

I don't expect to always agree in the future either, but I hope that no matter what, the staff continues to have the same level of respectful discourse with us it has in the past.

As an admittedly average gamer who hopes to climb to gold v in the next two weeks, I look forward to season IV, oh, and the vintage skins, candy cane Miss Fortune! And while on the subject, a little buff to Miss Fortune, pretty please, I'll give you my Candy Cane!