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Riot, you have some cleaning up to do...

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Kyle pls



update the recomended items.
fix the buff and nerf problems.
MAKE NEW D and F SPELLS, that would be very sweet. (ghost, heal, fortify, flash, ect.)
i already see a new map is being made which is awsome, but a 3v3 and 5v5 is a little dull, make different ones like a 8v8 or something. and adjust its map so it doesnt have to take 5 hours. a 2v2...
And maybe editing the minions, turrets, inhibitors, and nexus a little so they look cooler.
the constant making of new champions is nice, but they always seem very overpowered at first... that adds a little spice so keep it like that as long as they get nerfed later.

there is so much that can be done... any more ideas out there?

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Senior Member


Update Recomended Items: How would you propose to do this? MOST of the Champs recomended builds are for the purpose of helping in the role of the character. ALL roles of the champ. so you get a basic Idea of what the champ can do, but still not be specializing in anything. This is good to get used to a certain champ until you want to choose to use hime more intensively, as it would take no skill to just build off the recomended build, but would take some knowledge of the game to make characters better (or specialized) in order to surprise the opposing team.

There was a thread about balancing the games a while back, telling why the nerfing/buffing seemed so bad. it stems form the fact that there were 2 totally different meta games at this point in time.

the idea of new summoner skills is an intriguing one, but i am not entirely sure what could be done for a new one. definately one that is a good idea, if there is something that wouldn't be OP for One champ but useless for another (Example: stealth. just a bad idea in general. think about seeing now one while at full health, then all of a sudden anAP/Tank Cho Gath appears. Or a DPS Tristana. It would be chaos.)

You have heard about the new map, and I am pretty sure it will be for a new team size. but my guess would be 7v7 tops, maybe 8v8. anything higher would get ridiculous. 2v2 would be harder and not as fun as 3v3, as if you were, say, a tank (mundo). it would be impossible to kill you, unless you were really dumb. also, there would be 0 ways to balance teams with 2v2. say you had a tank and a dps. you leave out stealth and support and mages and nukes. while a good idea on paper, the practical side doesn't function.

meshes for those things I think would be on the bottom of their list, but they have done it before, so I wouldn't be surprised it happened again.

and Champs... I personally believe they should slow down. it is bad enough trying to learn to play the new champs/ defend against them every two weeks and the fact that they change them constantly afterwords until the next champ makes it worse. not to mention that since they come out sooo fast, they usually have some glitches (swains cancelation of on death affects for no reason is but one example)

an Idea I would Love to see implemented isallowing the userto set up item builds b4 game so that one could set the gear up b4 hand and in game when you port back to buy things, you don't have to hunt through menus. it isn't really a problem, but it would be nice.