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SR Pathing/Clipping Bug

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Playing as Gragas today on top/purple. Got the blue side blue buff and they decided to push our middle lane. So I clicked from there over towards the dead center of the map. As I ran, I ended up pathing straight through the little mountain that divides their jungle and where the blue-side tower sits in the middle of the map. Walked right through it. Somehow they were able to see me as soon as I entered the mountain too, because they broke off their attack and turned to attack me as I came out of the mountain.

Fortunately I was Gragas so I didn't die. I dashed over some walls, blew my ult and got some team support... but still. That's not the first time I've walked through walls with him, but the biggest path I walked through and the weirdest one.

Probably reported a million billion times before for the PC client, but I thought I'd toss it out there that it happens on the Mac too.