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3v3 Malphite Guide

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This guide aims to bring out Malphite's full potential as one of the most useful anti-dps characters on Twisted Treeline. Whether in Solo Queue or Ranked, Malphite is very good at countering other champions.
In this guide, I use a tank build because I aim to keep all the enemies out of range to attack my team and concurrently give myself a good chance to survive. TT is my favorite map because there are less variables to handle, and management of teammates and enemies is much easier. Capitalize on this.

Runes And Masteries

The most important runes are your cooldown reducs. Less time in between spells means more control over your enemy's actions.

Reds-Magic Pen
Blues [Most Important]-Flat CDR or CDR/Level
Purples-Flat Health

~The only way to get more CDR is by going through the Offense and Utility Trees. It's a worthy investment. Works with Core 1.


Reds-Magic Pen
Blues-Flat Armor
Purples-Flat Health

~More suited towards maximizing farming potential and overall performance. Works with Core 2 and Build 3.


Ghost and Exhaust are recommended because control over movement is very useful. Other spells can be used, but only for good reasons. Ignite and Flash come to mind as being useful, but not the best-suited for Malphite. If you have mana problems, ask an ally to get Clarity and share it's ability with you.


Passive-Granite Shield: While the icon is up, Malphite has a shield that absorbs up to 10% of his health as damage. After not being hit for 8 secs, the shield recharges.
~Good for laning and initiation.

Q-Seismic Shard: Deals 80/135/190/245/300 (+0.6 per Ability Power). !!!Steals 15/20/25/30/35% Movement Speed for 4 seconds!!! Costs 70/75/80/85/90 Mana. 700 range. 8 secs cooldown.
~Great for preventing enemies from attacking your teammates in teamfights. Also helpful for ganks.

W-Brutal Strikes: (Passive) Malphite's auto-attacks splash, dealing 30 / 38 / 46 / 54 / 62 % of his damage to nearby enemies; 400 AOE according to Wikia. (Active) Malphite's Attack Damage and Armor are increased by 20/25/30/35/40% for 6 seconds. Costs 55/60/65/70/75 Mana. 16 secs Cooldown.
~Makes you considerably stronger dealing and recieving auto-attacks. But, your aim is to slowdown enemy attack speed. Mitigation is secondary. Also increases Ground Slam's damage (W).

E-Ground Slam: Deals 60/100/140/180/220 damage + 70% of his armor. 300 AOE. !!!Enemies hit have their attack speed reduced by 30/35/40/45/50% for 4 seconds!!!. Costs 60 Mana. 8 secs cooldown.
~Used to deal damage and slow down enemy attacks.

R-Unstoppable Force: Deals 200/300/400 (+1 per Ability Power) in an AOE circle. !!!Knocks up enemies for 1.5/1.5./1.5 seconds.!!! Costs 100 Mana. 130/115/100 secs cooldown.
~Just awesome. It's good for teamfights, ganks and to break channels. Timing is everything on this spell. Use it to create the most chaos.

The exclamation marks indicate the best aspects of the skill. Playstyle discussed later on.

Skill order:
1. Q
2. E
3. Q
4. W.
5. Q.
6. R.

From there, prioritize R>Q>E>W


Rejuvenation Bead
Health Pots

-Get Heart of Gold IMMEDIATELY. It costs 975 gold. The 5gold/10 is extremely useful for earning gold if most last-hits and gank funds go to the "carry". Still useful if you like to farm.
-Get Mercury Treads or Ninja Tabi
-Upgrade Bead to Warden's Mail

Core 1:
The basic build, costing about 6,000 gold; aims to support your team, protect you, and cover important aspects of play. Recommended for beginners.


Randuin's Omen
~Be very cautious when upgrading to this. I prefer to keep the 5gold/10 for as long as possible, but if enemy DPS is a considerable threat, get this. Otherwise, Sunfire Capes are nice.
The active ability is amazing; slows and destroys DPS. It also lasts longer based on Armor and Magic Resistance. CDR is also extremely helpful.

Aegis of the Legion
~Good defense for you and your team. If an enemy breaks past you, head to your teammates to give them the aura.

Core 2:
The farming build, which gives Malphite extra mana early on so he can spend more time in lane and cast more spells to farm or fight. Costs about 7,500 gold.


Glacial Shroud / Catalyst the Protector
~They both give extra mana. Get Shroud for Armor, Catalyst for Magic Resist from Banshee's Veil.

Randuin's Omen

Aegis of the Legion

Build 3:
The full build. I use this one. Augments all of the aspects Malphite depends on to be an effective tank: Health, Armor, and Magic Resist. Notice, no Aegis. Lategame, those little bonuses mean nothing. Costs at least 11,000 gold. But, heart of gold pays back some. Your optional item to replace Doran's Shield could also be quite expensive.

Starting with:
Doran's Shield, 1 Health Potion

Heart of gold


Sunfire Cape

Glacial Shroud

Warden's Mail / Randuin's Omen

Shroud->Frozen Heart / Banshee's Veil

Banshee's Veil / Shroud->Frozen Heart


Frozen Heart
~The passive, Randuin's Omen's active and your E ability will almost entirely nullify enemy DPS. Extra mana and CDR help tremendously. Caution. It's expensive.

Sunfire Cape
~Gives armor and health. Malphite benefits greatly from armor, and health is nice for dealing with magic damage. The passive is a nice touch, but it overall doesn't really add much to sway the balance of either team. However, with more than one cape, your endurance and damage are greatly augmented, but try not to overdo it.

Atma's Impaler
~Works well with Sunfire Cape. Still, it, like the above item, serves you before your team.

Madred's Razors>Wriggle's Lantern
~Good utility item that improves Malphite's performance as a whole; bonuses to damage and armor, helps farming and laning, Lantern gives map awareness. Thanks to gap81 for the suggestion.

Banshee Veil
~You shouldn't really be worried about receiving Crowd Control. This item may even convince the enemies to ignore you further. Still, the Health, Mana and Magic Resistance are always welcome. Also consider:

Quicksilver Sash
~Cheap source of MR

Items to Avoid:

Force of Nature
~Expensive. You get health back from Randuin's Omen, so you won't need this. Get Banshee or QQS for MR.

Guardian Angel
~As of the latest patch, this item is quite useless. Additionally, if you die, your teammates have lost their protector. They're pretty screwed. Get more survivability instead. Revival is worthless.

~With enemy Attack Speed crippled, you won't be returning much damage.

Warmog's Armor and Leviathan
~You don't need health. You need defense stats to improve Randuin's Active.


Early Game:

I do not encourage trying to ambush champs from top or bottom. Also, getting lizard requires very fast work. Help out with taking it if you know your team can kill it quickly. Place your ward(s), then head straight to lane.
While laning, your passive is useful for going in for last hits as well as dealing with harassment. With rejuvenation bead, you should be able to handle whatever harassment they throw at you. If you have a laning partner, stay in front of him/her. Use Q when necessary to prevent closing of distance or to harrass at higher levels. You can afford more harrasment with more mana.
Always have one person from your team routinely go into the jungle to farm, leave wards, and set up ganks. I recommend that Malphite do this often, provided that his allies are safe.

Mid Game:

When top laner hits level 6, expect lots of ganking. Wards should minimize this risk, but overextending happens. In this case, don't take any chances. If you can save your teammate, try to. Otherwise, Ghost and get out of there; learn not to overextend next time. If your top laner is in pursuit, stalling is useful.

The problem with mid game on TT is that ganking and teamfights are abundant, so it's hard to describe an effective method of play that suits every situation. However, what I can say is this:

Once you hit level 6, ganking with your Ultimate is an almost guaranteed kill. It is, as frequently articulated on the forums, the best initation skill in the game. After the enemies falls down, use Q to slow them, and W or E for extra damage. Combined with the powerful burst skills champions often use on TT, you can look forward to a dead enemy in little to no time. When your ultimate is on cooldown, try to stay with your teammates. Use Q to slow enemies that are chasing you or that you are chasing.

Late Game:

As the best initiator in the game, YOU take the game into lategame stage. The lategame stage begins once you get Randuin's Omen. Now, you should not be afraid of the other team. Aegis of the Legion is also great for teamfights.

What to do in teamfights: INITIATE, then, control movement. Malphite is in this way the ultimate counter to DPS champions.
Use your ultimate to hit all of the enemy champs, and use W to start attacking their weakest character. When they fall, use the active on E to reduce their attack speed. Use Randuin's Omen's active to further reduce attack speed and slow enemies that would have gone towards your teammates. Use Q to slow the most significant threat to your team, or to slow the enemy you want to kill. This should be the guy who deals magic damage. Malphite can't stop magic damage other than by slowing the caster down...Which is what he should also be doing. Exhaust is also good for this.

Your teammates should be out of range at this point, and should only start attacking once you're getting focused. Timing and communication are thus very important. Keep a good distance between enemies and your allies, just enough so that your team has a clear advantage. Getting past you means that your teammates will start taking damage. That should not happen. Good initiation should decide the ensuing events if your team reacts properly. Once your team destroys their magic damage output, you will nullify their physical damage. Teamfights should now go in your favor. Win the teamfight, push their base, win the game.


I would just like to point out how well Malphite as a champion scales through the game. At level 1, he effectively has 10% more health, which persists through the game. This amount is also increased by Doran's Shield (+12), should you choose to get it. At level 6, you have a strong AOE disable ultimate that gives you great positioning to use W>E. At level 9, you have a long-range 300 damage single target spell, that buffs your speed and reduces your target's; also provides the latter effect at level 1. As the game progresses, the damage becomes less significant, but is replaced by Ground Slam, which scales off of your steadily increasing armor. This can and will hit for several hundred points of damage. By level 18, your health, armor and magic resistance have all considerably increased. In addition to your defensive statistics, your abilities all remain useful (and damaging) even in the late game, especially your ultimate. Thus, from beginning to end, Malphite's scaling is among the best in the game.

Thanks to gap81 and MatadorRED for item and playstyle suggestions.

That concludes my guide to playing Malphite on Twisted Treeline. Thank you for reading!

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Any feedback on this? I would like to hear about what other people think of my guide .

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Senior Member


As a long time Malphite player, I think this is a pretty solid Vanilla guide to the big guy. Nothing fancy, just straight up Anti-DPS. I have won many a game on both TT and SR with similar builds to this and with a solid group of teammates, Malphite can easily make team battles a lot easier to handle.

Only thing i would comment on is a few items i find really useful that i think you should also consider depending on the enemy team and your own.

1. Madred's-->Wriggles Lantern

This item is extreamly cost effective. It adds surviability with AR and LS, allowing you to lane longer and stronger. It provides a small but significantearly damage buff, suitable for taking bigger chunks out of towers. It gives a free ward with better sight radius than a normal one every 3 min, which proivdes a huge map awareness advantage on TT that will pay for itself quickly. But the most important thing it provides IMO is a passive bonus 500 damage that will splash due to brutal strikes every 5th hit or so. This is like a free GS every few attacks that wipes a whole field of minions with 1 swing. You can farm so much better with this single item its insane. Try it and see what you think. The earlier you get it the better the returns in farming, jungling, and warding the map like no other.

2. Abysal Scepter

I'm not really into endorsing AP Malphite, not cuz i havnt seen it work, but more cuz it doesnt fit my playstyle. This item i do feel has a place on any Malphite build though, given the right conditions. The Global Magic pen debufff not only buffs 3 of your skills damage (and your sunfire if you grabbed 1), but it also buffs your allies. If you have 2 teammates that would greatly benifit from added magic pen, then this is the item for you. It pushes your ult up near 500 Damage, adds a nice chunk to SS as well, and also gives you that much needed MR you mentioned earleir. All that with the global magic pen can be killer. Only suitable if your teamamtes benifit imo, but the Magic pen is notciable on all your skills if you snag it, so if you grabbed a negatron for MR anyways and have gold late, it may be your best bet reguardless.

Keep up the good work and...

Stay Rock Solid,


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Senior Member


Nice guide but i prefer to rush sunfire cape for the ausome farming ability.

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A little math that I did:

Using Ground Slam + Randuin's Omen leaves your opponents with (0.5)(0.65)=0.325 percent of their attack speed. Basically means it takes 3X the auto attacks to score a kill for the seconds they are affected.
Ground Slam + Randuin's Omen + Frozen Heart leaves them (0.5)(0.65)(0.75)=0.24375 percent of their attack speed.

As you can now more clearly see, Malphite an excellent counter to dps champs.

Also, thanks for the replies .

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Wriggle's Lantern is actually a great idea. Since Malphite should be babysitting early game, and ult-ganking mid-game, I see he can go farming in the jungle and in lane much faster in between intervals.

As for Abyssal Scepter, I can see its merits under only a few circumstances. The first, you initiate, and your teammates go in right away with now-augmented burst magic damage. The other, you have no better use for a negatron.
I believe that AP Malphite is quite bad...First, he only gets 1-low cooldown ability to use AP with. Second, his best AP-Scaling move involves throwing himself into the enemy...and I think he's pretty screwed for that without survivability. Finally, so many other durable champions do a better job than Malphite does with AP.

Hmm...Sunfire Capes...So, you basically farm up before getting into teamfights? Makes sense, but with Heart of Gold, and quick Ground Slam jungle runs, you should have most of the gold that you need, as well as a better teamfight item.

Any more suggestions for Malphite's items?

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Not a fan of rushing heart of gold, I prefer warden's first. the gold income from HoG is so small compared to the anti-attack benefits of warden's...

Also Aegis used to always be my first item before it was nerfed...now it's meh. It's great for you but not as great for your team so much. don't know why you're bashing FoN. That mres is amazing and the health regen will be great for longer fights. Also mspd is a rare stat.

for a while I was a fan of building sunfires, and they're ok for sustained dps but really malph should get in there and disable for the dps to do their job. sunfire isn't as good as randuin's at that.

Not sure I'm a fan of wriggle's lantern either. I haven't tried it on him, but I feel for survivability and dps a triforce would be much better. When you build sheen on malph and smash his combo it's silly how much damage you do. Dont do that often though, I normally build tank.

also you got his E and W mixed up...not sure how much faith I put in your malphite advice

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Senior Member


I think your guide is forgetting one thing, mana problems. In mid to late-game, you must take advantage of ground slam to farm and clear creep waves very effectively, and you must farm like a boss if you're playing Malphite.

Malphite is one of the most item-dependent champs there is. All his abilities scale off percentages, so that means the items are much needed for him to excel. His passive scales off %hp, His ground slam scales off %armor, His brutal strikes scales off %damage and in turn %cleave.

So basically, forget CDR glyphs (its negligible early-game because you're not spamming spells constantly to notice the small seconds reduction unless you're jungling) and put some MP5/level glyphs.

And there's a big difference between AP Malphite and Magic Pen Malphite.

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Nice catch on the skills jumex

Anyways, I'll address your suggestions:
The reason that I recommend the Items that I did was because Malphite has a horrible time farming lane during the early game. Hence, HoG. In 10 minutes, you get 300 gold, which is one kill on TT. I also do jungle runs to get quick gold if my teammates can handle themselves.
Aegis...it's better than nothing. It offers a combination of armor and magic resist as well as damage, which are extremely beneficial, especially for teammates that focus more on offense.
I didn't bash FoN. I pointed out that it is expensive, and has no smaller components with their own unique traits.
Sf capes build from inherently strong items, and combines his best stat, Armor, with health.
Wriggles may not be much better than Madred's Razor, which actually helps farming and a good choice. Trinity is over 4k gold...ouch.


You're right, Malphite needs to farm a lot. I addressed that with Heart of Gold, ganks and jungling. Regardless, the most important one is jungle, since last hits on creeps and on champs should go to you team's best carry.
In jungle, mana really isn't an issue. I can get through the monsters with or without blue pots and then recall for the mana. CDR gives you more control over teamfights since your skills come up faster.

I understand there is a legitamate concern though, for mana when jungling is not an available option, so I'll tweak the guide soon.

Looking forward to your response .

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Senior Member


I agree with the OP, jungling is the best way to get gold with malphite. Not in the tradional sense, but in the... "i pushed my lane so far im in danger of ganks, so i will go kill the jungle creeps on my side till a better opperunity to push arises"...sense.

Mana is an issue. Here is how I handle it.

1 ) I put 11+ points in utility tree, grabing the XP and Mana regen masteries.

2.) I have gotten in the habit of Grabing Clarity with the Mastery for prolonged pushes and team support.

3 ) I Grab Madred's Razor-->Wriggles Lantern and Max my brutalize skill early for the FREE splash damage that costs nothing and litterly farms for itself when the item procs.

4 ) I substitute sometimes Glacial Shroud--> Frozen Heart for Randiums Omen. The early mana and CDR is key to farming like a pro. The HoG is rarely missed, and the slow on Warden's is duplicated with SS anyways. The CDR is the real thing going for the item till FH is complete and then the passive Debuff is always up and i dont have to remember to pop it at the most opertune time.

Wriggles is pro on Malphite. Anyone who says otherwise has never tired it. Trinity force? Really...trinity force?!?!? Your comparing a 4,000 gld late game item on TT to a 1500gold utiltiy item that helps you farm and lane and improves map awareness (which is prob #1 biggets benifit on TT map IMO) ? The only hitch to using Wriggles is that to maximize its effectiveness, you need to max brutal strikes earlier than you normally would. Even with just 1 point in BS its still effective, but you wont get those huge "1 swing wiping a whole feild of minions" moments as often. The point in maxing it is so you dont have to use GS as often, and thereby save your mana for combos, ganks, and team fights.