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Implement /roll

That would solve everything, including world hunger! 1 33.33%
This is a dumb idea or already implemented. 2 66.67%
Where am I, what is this place... confused. 0 0%
Voters 3 .

Add /roll in pregame lobby

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Junior Member


Given that the current accepted protocol for choosing roles(top,mid,adc, support) when your with random pubs seems to be whoever can call it the second they join a lobby; I think it would be easy to implement a /roll feature. Where if you were to type it the system would randomly generate a number and echo it back to chat. This could be used to solve multiple conflicts of interest that fequently end in the the game being disbanded.


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Wuju Lord

Senior Member


seems simple enough. I suggested in a thread that I just posted that we could be given a role selection system, like the dungeon finder uses in World of Warcraft.

You click a role you want to play, and it sorts you with other who choose other roles. Easy.