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Should ignore list block people from being matched with you?

Yes, Keep them away from me. 68 80%
No, if we are to find a solution, this isn't it. 17 20%
Voters 85 .

Vote on making Ignore List modify MM

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Swipe Knife



So... what if the top 100 ignored the top 100 players...? Would they play with people ~100 Elo below them?
There would be a huge amount of people that just block everyone on their team when they lose a game, which is not what this "fix" would want. Then RIOT would have to invest people monitoring such activity... unnecessary investment.

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Senior Member


You only make the game better for yourself by ignoring people and making everybody else play with them. You are bent selfish

Come back when you have an idea that makes mm better for everybody

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This isn't a selfish solution. A selfish solution would be to allow me to leave without consequence, or kick people on my team. Which wouldnt be solutions, but definitely selfish. Allowing -everyone- to ignore people, is an idea for -everyone-. you would only have to play 1 game with that person. This would be similar to reporting also. If someone gets a certain amount of ignores, maybe Riot would look into their games and see if the ignores were because they were breaking any rules.

Swipe Knife, what you're saying doesn't make sense. Because the Top 100, are competitive players, they wouldn't block the other Top 100. Also, them doing so, would only hurt themselves. If someone purposely blocks everyone in their elo level and above, and maybe even a bit below...they are dooming themselves to simply waiting on Queue forever. It is a balance between how long you want to wait to play, and who you filter out to not play with. I think it puts a bit of control in the user's hands and allows them to say "hey i rather wait 2more minutes, and not play with all these people", or in your example "hey ill wait an hour until people in my elo log on that i havent blocked yet" (which i doubt people would do, they might do that at first, but then they would only be hurting themselves)