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The Piltover Enforcers Office (Ask Vi)

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Kaze no Yasuo

Senior Member


((The original Vi gave her blessings? Ratana must have really impressed her or something. I look forward to seeing the new Vi.))

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Enforcer Vi

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Ask Sejuanì:
((Dear everyone. This is Katarina/Sej and also Vi's Rper. I'm letting you know im setting Vi aside for the next week or two to see if I can manage to get my self back into her head... but if I can not, I think I'm going to hand her off. Sorry for my lack of posting by the way, work has gotten to be a pain in the ass again and things at home are not going well for me at all. I appreciate all of the patience the community has given me thus far, and I'm just going to ask for a little more while I figure all of this out. I dearly love Vi, but right now I just don't think I can portray her to the best of my ability.


So I have given it my thoguht, and am passing it over to Ratana. This is MY decision as the Vi Rper.