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How To Fiora?

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Any good recommendation to play her? Top or Jungle? Runes? Masteries? Strategies ? i cant use her fine so im asking for help D:


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AD Carry runes. Flat ad, mana regen yellows, mr / lvl blues.
21/9/0 masteries. Dont bother with crit ones.

Stack as much damage as you can, and armor pen. Do not buy attack speed or cooldown. You want massive alpha strike. You are AD caster, not dps. As a bonus you have your E to dps ... once the effect is off get the hell out of melee range.

Passive helps with laning. Dorans blade plus that keeps your health okayish. Agaisnt an harasser get armor + 5 ... agaisnt a runny runny, boots +3.

My typical build:
Dorans blade
ninja tabi
last whisper
hex drinker (upgrade to maw when ur rich)
2nd bloodthirster or Black clever
last one w-e u fancy, ur stomping at that point. Usually i get another BT or Bc if i dont have one. U could get GA or w-e.

Your Q and your ult does NOT crit. Dont bother with crit too much. If u really want it get an IE instead of 2nd BT or BC.

Your Q does not lifesteal or proc. Your ult does. If u get focused use your ult to regain health while doing dmg thanks to your lifesteal. So 2 BTs are good.

Your Q scales with dmg. Your W adds dmg. Max W first. Learn to time it. Gangplank is gonna HATE you.

Thats it. Happy stomping.

P.S : Stack Tiamats for the LOLZ. Didnt try the new upgrade yet.

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I'll try it, thanks you for the advice

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P.S : Stack Tiamats for the LOLZ. Didnt try the new upgrade yet.

tiamts do not stack any more the item is unique. hydra is a must on fiora.

i play fiora top lane and jungle.

i run her as a counter intuitive passive aggressive focusing on CDR for perry and her ult.

timing perry for auto attacks tagging her at the last second, is key to playing her passive aggressive.

if they hit me and i perry it: i'll trigger E then Q into them for a few quick hard strikes then back off using 2nd Q onto a minion or simply farm minion waves dropping them lower every time they attack.

fiora's cast times are relatively low under .5 seconds for her ult
everything else has a zero cast time {Q, W and E} use this to out play your opposition before they know what happened.

i play fiora as a strong counter pick vs specific champs { jayce,darius, gangplank, Irrelia to name a few}
some strong plays makers that win lanes.
example: darius tends to grab a target and stack his bonus damage for the follow up auto attack: as soon as u hear/see the animation for the grab activate W & E
he grabs and eats the damage and your free to auto attack him for max stacks to counter his bleed effect. and run out of harms way with the bonus walk speed.

21 | 9| 0 http://www.lolking.net/summoner/na/21944951#masteries {first page}

9 x flat armour pen marks
9x flat armour seals
9x flat cdr Glyphs
3x flat armour pen quins.


Black cleaver, Hydra, last whisper, blood thister, Ionian boots of lucidity, scimitar {qss item}

in laneing phase i rush brutalizer then lvl 1 boots rush vamp sceptor and build tiamts
then finish bc -> hydra -> bt -> QSS -> lw -> scimitar -> finish boots. { in some random order}

skill order:

W - Q - W- E- W - R - then max W -> E - >R -> Q

Your Q and your ult does NOT crit. D
your ult is on-hit ad and will trigger critical strikes.
Your Q does not lifesteal or proc. Your ult does. If u get focused use your ult to regain health while doing dmg thanks to your lifesteal. So 2 BTs are good.

Q is spell vamp
R - is on hit ad thus applies lifesteal

the biggest weakness to fiora is her complete lack of natural escape and weakness to crowd control effects.
in team fights look for opening for supprise entry with ultins targing tight grouped team's for max effect from hydra's slash... Pay attention to waht spells are used befor u dive in. other wise have Qss ready to use.

your ult can be used 4 ways.

avoid spells, recover hit points in a team fight {near death}, clean up, initate.

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You sure about the ult doing crits ?

Because you know, Ezrael Q does on hit but no crit ...

And you have no crit chance in your build either ... I'd have to see it ... Dont think it does.

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You sure about the ult doing crits ?

it does proc critical strikes i have tested it out but double check just to confirm, it doesn't hurt to find out in a bot game or something:
rush a sword of the divine (turn on legacy txt in video display settings for clairty on critical strikes) activate sword and ult the bot. the first three strikes critical.

however i find its not worth it as hydra's splash will not proc critical

{tiamat/hydra no longer splashes the ult enhanced damage but instead it uses champ damage and applies lifesteal only}

{which is the focus of my build: maximizing 2+ targets damage over dualing }


some champs are coded to prevent spam-able abilities from triggering critical strikes

ez's abilities:-
Mystic Shot cannot critically strike.
{is coded differently}

leauge wiki is handy for ability detail and is fairly accurate.

Some other notes: Perry can only block Physical damage attacks & spells that apply on hit effects.
she can perry:
1 attack from blade waltz
gank plank's: Parly
1 attack from warwicks duress
Ez's: mystic shot

some stuff she cannot block:
poppy's devistating blow: it is a magic damage attack.
twisted fate Pick a card: it is a magic damage attack.

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I can't guarentee what it's like for the rest of the game because I don't play Fiora, but tons of Fiora players rushed first blood on me using full ad runes and masteries. Although I don't think it's perfect, just know on Fiora you can always surprise them that way and potentially win it for your team

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I can't guarentee what it's like for the rest of the game because I don't play Fiora, but tons of Fiora players rushed first blood on me using full ad runes and masteries
--- also works with Armour pen runes/mastery as well.

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It makes me happy to see more people wanting to play Fiora

I have 21-9-0 masteries

x9 armor pen / or damage (mainly I forget to. Change them)

x9 armor yellows

x9 mr per lvl

x3 armor pen

I start cloth 5 red sodas or if its an akali I start null magic cloak and 2 red sodas. I get boots if I'm doing well if I I'm doing "decent" I buy philos and at lvl 11 I buy elises miracle from there I star going for a hexdrinker or blood thirster then buy tiamat or if you're well ahead and you are helping other lanes I buy - veal I forgot the item its new and stinger builds into it- then hydra. Maw and if you want some tankiness I build frozen mallet I hope this helps you

PS Always trade even if you lose the trade always trade you will regen with passive

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Leveling Q first is the only way to be aggressive with Fiora. Not only does it provide you with burst damage with a Q-combo (Q > auto > 1s > Q > auto), but the cooldown reduction on leveling the ability gives you the freedom to chase, punish, and win many lanes you wouldn't by just leveling W. When Q is on cooldown, you are a champion without your gap closer and are at the mercy of many of the opposing champions out there. W is a one point wonder in terms of what it offers, and should almost always be leveled up last.

Also with Fiora, even if you level up W at level two for the first time, ArmorPen is by far superior to AD runes. She gets an extra 15 AD from W as it is, and that AD is even more effective with ArmorPen. The damage Fiora does with ArmPen runes dwarfs the damage she does with AD runes. Especially with the amount of damage that Fiora has that cannot critical strike (item actives plus skills) she can't make that great use of it. On-hits are another story entirely though. As an aside, a generic rule is Q at level one against opponents that can harass from a range and W against those that harass from melee.

Blade Waltz does not allow critical strikes. While critical strike builds were decent on Fiora in season two, there are now far too many effective items that don't deal with such a build. Critical strike builds require that you take at least the Infinity Edge and an additional critical support item, and frankly Fiora doesn't have room for that.

As indicated earlier, Fiora is fantastic with a Ravenous Hydra. It is however a terrible first item as it's primary purpose is the advantage it can leverage in team fights. It has power in duels with the active, but there are other items that are superior for that. In fact, the item that is the strongest at the objective of winning duels is hardly recognized. The Blade of the Ruined King is often your best fully completed item choice. Keep in mind, that you should always build in relation to the situation at hand, but more often then not winning your duels is the primary concern with your first completed item.

The Bloodthirster will give you more sustained damage, but the Blade of the Ruined King will give you more burst damage, life stealing - especially in champion combat, a great form of move speed utility, and most of all wins you the lane. The reason I say it wins you the lane is you win trades when your opponent is high in health. Your opponent likely won't trade with you anymore when they are at half health and you are still at full because of the sheer amount of life steal. You've basically zoned your opponent already, due to the threat of Blade Waltz. The active on the BotRK is absolutely earth shattering and creates extremely powerful burst situations that may not even require Blade Waltz.

As I said earlier though, you need to build depending on the situation as well. Picking up a Brutalizer, Phage, Hexdrinker, or even rushing percentage penetration items can all be smart plans. Adapting your boots choice to what you need is smart as well, Fiora doesn't need offensive boots. Be smart about these choices.

Once you get both the BotRK and Hydra, Fiora is champion killing machine. The burst on both actives combined gives you easy access to the resets that Fiora needs. She can fully assassinate AD Carries. Remember that the animation for the Hydra active is based on your attack speed so use it during Burst of Speed, or as just a flat out finishing move when Blade Waltz is done. A short Q cooldown means you can use it multiple times per fight, which is pivotal when you are picking up resets.

To get to this point, you just need to be smart about your Q-combos. Against champions with skill shots you can easily juke your opponents with a Q > auto > juke > Q > auto and completely out trade them. Against champions that are trying to hide from you, you can Q to a creep and Q to them for the damage you need. The second Q has almost no cooldown so if you just need to stack your healing passive, stack the Burst of Speed movement speed, or just need rapid damage you can run the second Q immediately. Always, always have a stack of your healing passive before you hit a champion so it's incredibly easy to just hit the champion 3 more times with Q's or autos and you have it at 4 stacks. Your healing passive is what often wins you trades in the end.

Late game is all about the penetration. You don't need anymore damage, because with all these items you already have over 400 AD. Opponents will have plenty of armor to percentage penetrate with just base level 18 armor and armor seals. Black Cleaver with a BotRK and Hydra stack like mad on your target and even splashes the passive on the enemy team. Not to mention the health and CDR are very useful at this point. A Last Whisper tacked on makes it so you are striking anyone that doesn't stack armor with True Damage. There is a myriad of defensive options to situationally pickup such as Mercurial, Guardian Angel, and Randuin's. I prefer Frozen Mallet in most cases though, especially since the Phage early on is easily proc'd with how many on-hit applications Fiora can output per fight. Your role is an AD Assassin. Blade Waltz is your damage avoidance.

As for the overall build, what is up with these Offensive Masteries? You are going to be trading as Fiora, and you are going to take auto damage in return. You need the Block mastery, and that requires 13 points. Why do you need defenses? Because Fiora is a sustain monster. Especially with a Flask or Cloth start, which is pretty much the only choices anyway. (Long Sword start is gimmicky, but can work.) You also need that +3 mp5 in the Utility tree, or you will blow yourself out of mana in no time with Q-combos - which you need to do or your trades will suck. This leaves you with the perfect amount of points in Offensive to pick up the +3 AD, which is all you need. I hate not getting the ArmorPen in there, but frankly the Block Mastery, extra 3 points in Defense, and Mp5 more then make up for it. 14/13/3 is often the way to go. Ghost is also so much better then Flash with the reduced cooldown and allows you get in a whole lot more autos in.

TLDR Build

Masteries, Runes, Summoners
14/13/0, ArmPen Marks / Armor Seals / MR Glyphs / ArmPen Quints, Ignite/Ghost

Skill Order
QWQE (ranged) / WQQE (melee), R > Q > E > W

Start Choices
Flask, Cloth Armor

Core Items
Blade of the Ruined King, Ravenous Hydra

Boot Choices
Mercury Treads, Ninja Tabi

Situational Supplemental Items
Brutalizer, Phage, Hexdrinker

Late Game Items
Black Cleaver, Last Whisper

Defensive Choices
Frozen Mallet, Guardian Angel, Mercurial Scimitar, Randuin's Omen, Maw of Malmortius

Items That Arn't So Good Anymore
Bloodthirster, Infinity Edge, Wit's End, Phantom Dancer