Build Journal: ADC Thresh

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I got the idea for writing a build journal a few weeks ago.
The purpose of the build journal is to iteratively collect feedback from the community on building a champion in a particular way. I'll post my item goals, runes, and masteries, try it out, and let you all know how it went. We can discuss changes to the build to make it better, and you guys can try it out for yourself, or any variant thereof and tell us how it went.

This time, I'd like to know if Thresh can be played as an ADC. I really like his Q's passive, and his skillset is great for keeping people off his back.

Here's what I'm think for items:
Sword and Potions first, to upgrade into Scepter. This is a common ADC start, and it he could use the sustain.
Another good choice would be a mana crystal, since I tend to run low on mana. We can turn it into ToG, and late game into Manamune if we need to. (Or sell it.)
I think he's going to need AS Boots. As much as his Q rewards waiting between attacks, AS is too valuable in a straight fight to pass up. Every % AS increases DPS by that much (relative to base AS).
I really Like Stattik Shiv in him, so building pieces of it while working in a BF sword to turn into IE is my next plan. Shiv is pretty gold efficient and plays well with his passive. The crit will also help IE when we pick that up.
IE is an important source of damage, and critting on a fully charged Q will melt people.
If I'm not owning by now, I really need some sustain. I could get a BT, but health will synergize with his passive well. Warmogs is quite effective, and is great for hit-and-run sustain.
After this, it really depends on the enemy team.

For runes, I like to run AD reds and quits with armor everywhere else. But, considering his Q deals magic damage, I think mixed penetration runes are just as viable.

For masteries, I'll probably run my standard ADC page. I might consider grabbing both the % penetration masteries.

I'll play a few games later today and let you know how it goes. Feel free to try it yourself and give feedback in the meantime.