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LoL Skills Suggestions

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some of this skill are based on DotA heroes..

"Haunt" skill(mercurial)
just like mercurials haunt this skill will summon a clone beside all enemy champs but this clones will be attach to the enemy champ and has the same aspd as the original
note: the clones can be attacked

"phantom lance" like skill(azwraith)
pahntom lance like because what this skill would do is throw something that will damage the enemy and summon a clone beside the enemy but just like haunt this the clone is attach to the enemy champ

"spectral dagger" skill(mercurial)
basically throws something that will will leave a path and damage all enemies it pass through that just like galio's righteous gust will increase your movement speed when you walk on it. the difference is that you get zero collisions on will in the path. just like the original spectral dagger, all damaged enemies will also leave a path as they walk

reactive stealth hallucination
a somewhat improved version of hallucination where the caster will summon a clone and go to stealth at the same time. this skill is a passive but goes on cooldown when used.
it will be activated by chance when you are hit an immobile clone will appear and when the clone is destroyed it will damage the enemy and reveal the caster. only gain stealth buff when near the clone once you move away from the clone you will no longer be stealth and cannot go back to stealth
note: clone will not attack

"ice blast" like skill(kaldr)
('like' because theres no charging in this skill and is not a A.O.E. skill unlike the original.)
you target an enemy champ (global range) that will get an initial damage and damage over time. if the targeted enemy's hp went below X% the enemy will automatically die. the targeted enemy's hp will also not regenerate during the damage over time but can still be healed.

lifesteal on low health
the champion has an initial lifesteal which increases as the champion's health decreases.

stalk skill
attach yourself to a target that you will automatically follow. while in this state you are in stealth unless you stop following or the target is killed

reflect skill
once you've been hit by a skill, this skill can be use to hit a target enemy with the same damage you received from the skill plus additional damage.

"death ward" skill(witch doctor)
a toggle spell that will summon a ward that will damage up to three enemies.

well that all i can suggest.. feel free to add some more suggestions..

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... wondered what happened to this...